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Frozen: An ice-cool Suzuki GN400 street tracker finished in BMW's famous matte paint

Frozen: An ice-cool Suzuki GN400 street tracker

You could argue that the modern custom scene owes its success to Universal Japanese Motorcycles. They’re affordable, reliable and easy to pull apart—making them the perfect blank canvas for builders. Not all UJMs get equal time in the limelight, though. And according to Ventus Garage of Kraków, Poland, there’s one that deserves a lot more…

Finally, there is a custom kit for the Suzuki SV650.

It’s About Time: A Suzuki SV650 kit by C-Racer


While everyone’s clamoring for a slice of the heritage market, one manufacturer’s quietly been sitting on a sweet modern-day UJM, ripe for customization. We’re talking about Suzuki, and the SV650. A modern day classic, the original Suzuki SV650 was launched in 1999. The ‘poor man’s Monster’ lasted ten years before being replaced by the (far…