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Diamond Atelier's radical Yamaha XSR900

Diamond Atelier smashes the mold with a radical XSR900

Motorcycle styling, even in the custom scene, tends to edge forward in increments. Bikes fit neatly within genres, perhaps stretching the envelope in one direction but playing safe in others. But occasionally someone will try something completely new. And so it is with this groundbreaking design from Diamond Atelier, the Munich workshop famous for its…

The 11 Best Motorcycles of EICMA 2016

The 11 Best Motorcycles of EICMA 2016

In Milan, the huge EICMA show is finally winding down. It’s the world’s most influential motorcycle showcase, and a barometer for the state of the industry. This year, the giant halls were chock-a-block with new bike launches from all sectors of the market. Ducati showed the 1299 Superleggera for folks who like to wear one-piece…

Monkeebeast: The Wrenchmonkees tackle the Yamaha XSR900.

Monkeebeast: The Wrenchmonkees vs the Yamaha XSR900


Picking the right donor for your custom project can be a daunting task. And if you’ve got the cash or the credit history, there are good reasons to spring for a new-ish machine—one with modern suspension that starts every time. Yamaha’s XSR900 comes to mind. We rode it and loved its brutish nature—and the modern…

Yamaha XSR900 review: the brute in a suit

Brute in a Suit: Yamaha XSR900 Review

The dust had hardly settled on the XSR700 launch when Yamaha started teasing their next release. It started with Roland Sands’ Faster Wasp—a brutal custom FZ-09 inspired by the flat track. It was obvious that Yamaha was poised to release a big brother to the XSR700. And right on cue, they revealed the XSR900 at…