Triumph Bonneville by Underground Bobbers

Triumph Bonneville custom by Underground Bobbers
Underground Bobbers is a California-based shop that grew out out of a gel-coat and carbon fiber business. Today, they’ve turned their attention to customizing old British iron, but not in the usual way—these bikes invariably have metal parts replaced with carbon fiber or Kevlar. This bike, known as ‘The 72’, is a great example. It arrived in the workshop as a tired, Army Green-painted Bonneville: over three months, Reza Gohary and Farzin Yassiny transformed it into a motorcycle with attitude. The battery box is crafted from aircraft-quality mono-directional carbon fiber; the gas tank is made of a single sheet, hand laid and vacuum formed. Other carbon fiber parts include the headlight, fender and fin, seat unit, shock covers and even the sleeving on the exhaust pipes. Underground Bobbers describe the bike as “tough and mean, without an ounce of graciousness to it”, a look that’s helped by the dual-sport Avon Distanzia tires. [Thanks to Tim Besser.]

  • very nice and the more i see of these sort of the bikes i know its the direction to go

  • Carbon fiber on a classic seems to me like lipstick on a boar. Or a female pit
    bull. Carbon belongs on sportsbikes.

  • pushrodmofo

    Nice to see an oil-in-frame custom. Seems all the Triumphs you see go for the earlier (and getting more rare!) frame.

  • Kozzy

    I like the carbon fiber on the classic bike, although I think it would have had more impact if they had used less. Carbon covered exhaust and headlight borders on the silly.

  • Tin Man 2

    Good look and Style, although I think the Carbon Fiber is Over Kill… As an advertisment for their company fine, but I dont understand the fasination with this High Tech plastic. To much Techno Geek for my taste.

  • Ray

    With the oil frame already having such a low center of gravity, I can only imagine with all that carbon fiber. I’d wager this bike handles curves like a dream.

  • Francois

    That is sick.

  • Mitch

    A bobber with dual sport tyres. I’m in love.

  • Adrian

    Great looking bike, I would ride that.

  • JP

    Great looking bike, no doubt. My mind is having a hard time reconciling the full-fender front end with the modern super-bobbed back-end though. The back just looks a little too snubbed to me.

    Believe me, I’d still ride it in a heartbeat.


  • The fender combinationis kind of like a “mullet” but on a bike.
    The mullet was that haircut style that was business side up front, and a party side in back.