Tachibana motorcycle helmets

Vintage motorcycle helmet
Here in Australia, it’s harder and harder to get hold of a vintage motorcycle helmet that complements a classic or custom motorcycle. Australia implements its own standards, an utterly pointless exercise given the accepted standards elsewhere. So when I see gear like these Japanese Tachibana helmets, it makes me envious. Tachibana has moved beyond the usual metalflake treatments and created a wider range of reproduction vintage motorcycle helmets. And with prices starting at around ¥12,000 (US$130), they’re good value too. Here’s a selection of their more oddball models, but rest assured, there’s some conventional Bell 500 type gear here too.

Vintage motorcycle helmets
Vintage motorcycle helmets

  • Hiwatt Scott

    The SHM with faceguard (the matte black one above) is very “Toecutter”. I dig it.

  • Ecosse

    very cool. but, not being able to read japanese, and living in the ‘states, this is all merely eye candy.

  • D

    So what’s it take to get imported helmets passed to the Australia Standard? I’m pretty sure I need a toecutter helmet.

  • db

    love the bell star knock off, would definitey purchase

  • econobiker

    You could still buy a full-face non-vented flat-shield helmet up to the mid-1990s here in the USA at such automotive discounters as JC Whitney. I know because I deliberately hunted a black full face helmet down and bought it along with the tinted black flat face shield. To me the mirrored modern face shields will never eclipse the evil look of the old style helmet and black shield. (Excepting of course the original Simpson bandit with a black face shield)

    Sadly the nuclear arms race-like demand for helmet vents and crazy graphics plus off-short manufacture and 3D computer designed helmets/molds has eliminated the simple helmet market.

  • Darmah Bum

    Cool looking lids. Where can you buy these in the States?