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Wrenchmonkees Honda CB750

Honda CB750 KZ cafe racer by the Wrenchmonkees
Here’s an exclusive peak at the latest creation from the Copenhagen-based Wrenchmonkees. They’ve already made a name for themselves with Honda CB750 café racers, causing a stir last year when ‘Gorilla Punch’ appeared. But their latest CB750 is a budget customer project, rather than a full-on custom: the frame, wheels, fork, swingarm and tank have been left untouched.

The base is a 1979 (KZ) spec bike, which has been given a new rear frame, bars, fender, and seat and battery box, plus a rewire. There’s plenty of power from the stock inline four motor—which breathes through four Keihin carburettors and puts out over 75 bhp—but new ‘Megatron’ mufflers and K&N filters will help the breathing still further.

The starting price for projects like these is around 70,000 kroner (US$13,000) and up, which includes the donor bike. And because the structural modifications are minimal, the finished motorcycle is easier to register and get road approval. If you’re hankering after that signature monochrome Monkees look, this is a good place to start.