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Yamaha TX650

Yamaha TX650
When is an XS650 not an XS650? When it’s a TX650. Owner Chad Goings posted his bike on our Facebook page, and after the comments lit up, I contacted him for more information. His Yamaha is a 1973 model, but it’s effectively just a name change from the iconic XS650: the only real difference is that the TX650 has a larger, more rounded tank. The TX is quite rare these days, so purists occasionally decry attempts to customize them. But Chad’s TX, built with the help of his father Bill, has silenced the critics. The Goings live in Wichita, Kansas, and have been working on the bike for two years now. The detailing is exquisite, from the powdercoating on the motor to the glass-blasted oil cooler. “The theme of the bike was the [R6] mono-shock,” says Chad. “We tried to make it as monochromatic as possible, from the paint to the overall design. Every aspect was thought out, and made very simple. Another thing was to capture a futuristic bike built in the 70s.” They’ve nailed that look, and even better, it’s now a completely legal bike with turn signals, a horn, gauges and lights. Check out XS650 Rider for a full set of build pics.

Yamaha TX650
Yamaha TX650

  • This is an extremely nice example of what can be done to make a bike look really good while maintaining a lot of the stock parts! I saw this bike a while ago and other than the stock rotors and calipers, I wouldn’t change a thing!


  • yes please…

  • powermatic

    Saw this on ‘Do The Ton’ (where its currently Bike of the Month). Love the look and the detail, with a couple of exceptions: the tradeoff to hang the muffler under the frame in order to not hide the bike’s profile was unsuccessful both practically and visually, the drooping rear frame loop doesn’t work for me (it somehow seems bent, as if there was a very heavy passenger involved), and a small, ‘hugger’ rear fender would be so much more practical for actual riding, and may even improve the looks of the bike. Though I doubt the bike is ridden much, considering the muffler ground clearance is about half the front fork’s travel. Still, beautiful bike, well done.

  • I like it because its a break from tradition (which needs to be shaken up regularly). Will the pipe drag? Yes. I like the seat angle because its the opposite of those stupid looking “Streefighter” seats. The rear loop is level with the ground, so for me it’s ok. Any lower and I’d be agreeing with you.

    But I really like to look at it. Some bikes just bring it all together. The total is greater than the sum of its parts! That applies to this bike for sure.

  • DnA

    Beautiful! I can’t imagine how much labor and time it took to conceive and build this, but what a stunner! (I better get me another XS650 before the modders grab ’em all up.)

  • BM

    Thats a beautiful bike, well done.

  • GoingsMoto

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for all the compliments, and for the critiques. It has taken 2 years to finish up the bike. There was a lot of arguing over decision making (length of tail section, angle, seat, paint) but I am very happy with the bike’s outcome. Thank you very much Chris for featuring it on among such amazing builders and bikes.

    P.S. This isn’t the last you will see from GoingsMoto, I (Chad) am currently working on a 70′ T100C, along with building two 08 exj 250r ninjas for my brother and I to learn how to race on.

    Thank you all very much,

    Chad and Bill