Yamaha XS650 bobber

XS650 bobber
Motoshop Tonouchi has done it again. After grabbing attention with their retro BMW-inspired Sportster custom, they’ve created one of the tastiest XS650-based bikes we’ve seen for a while. The ‘Heritage Special’ reprises the monochromatic look, with sleek, perfectly judged bodywork—note the lovely curved panels under the bobber seat. The frame modifications accentuate the chunky, 654cc parallel twin motor and the gently flared exhaust system adds a low-key elegance. Not surprisingly, Tonouchi’s latest XS650 has just been profiled in issue 4 of the Japanese metric custom magazine Another World of Chopper—and I’m prepared to bet it’ll start spreading fast on the interwebs soon.

Visit Motoshop Tonouchi here.

XS650 bobber
XS650 bobber

  • Beautiful, even though I’m not a fan of the wheels. This motor always looks great and the paint job is stunningly simple.

  • chris

    Yawn, another hardtail XS650. Not much new here. You can pick ’em better than this.

  • badhairday

    wow, thats a beautyful horse, very classy. One of the best xs bobber works I saw till now, I especially admire the pipes and the fork – everything seems to be carefully chosen and gives the bike a unique design harmony.

  • Nice job – I am really appreciating the effort that goes into these value based bobbers – a lot of care and attention and then some lucky rider will be zooming around Japan feeling pretty pleased with himself – and that is all that counts at the end of the day.

  • Dave

    Thats one of the most tasteful custom jobs I’ve seen. Nothing that grabs attention, just silently beautiful. Well… Until shes started up that is.

  • WRXr

    Looks more comfortable and useable than 99% of the choppers out there, but would benefit from a real seat in both the looks and practicality department.

    I also like that it actualy has an exhaust….not just half-hearted straight pipes.

  • Mule

    Very clean! I really like the Sportster front wheel. I like the rear not so much though. Very nice work and looks like a fun ride.

  • joe momma

    ….garbage can lids are fine….don’t know why so many snivel about them (wheel covers??)…..REAL exhausts and megaphones and cv carbs…..not much for looks……??….these details mar otherwise very clean fab…

  • Tinman

    Very nice looking bike, Just like a Sportster at a much lower cost. Black and Gold, Hardtail, 21 inch wheel, Whats not to Like??

  • Bryguy9

    Lol thx Tinman. I wasn’t sure whether or not to say anything. I love what they have done here, but it is almost the the spitting image of my neighbour’s ’73 sporty.

  • john crawford

    seen a lot of xs650 bobers, even got 1 this is a classic ,love it !

  • Heretics

    That motor sure is vertical.