1971 Triumph by Analog

1971 Triumph
There’s usually a trigger that inspires someone to start a custom build. Perhaps an engine failure, or a dent in the tank. Or even just a glimpse of a cool bike parked on the street. In Tony Prust’s case, it was the offer of a new speedo—a beautifully restored Smiths instrument.

“I bought this 1971 Triumph Trailblazer over two years ago,” he recalls. “It became my errand runner, in mostly stock form. Apart from swapping the 20” front wheel for an 18” I never had an itch to customize it.” Then Flatland Cycles, the Gazi suspension supplier, offered to rebuild the Smiths on the Trailblazer. “I said sure, because it never worked anyways. And when Scott was done, it was too nice for my ratty old Triumph. That sparked the idea to rebuild the bike.”

1971 Triumph
In typical Analog Motorcycles style, it’s a thoughtful and beautifully crafted machine. Tony started by lowering the front fender to the 18” wheel, and made a box to hide the battery and electrics under seat.

Ed Zender of vintage specialist Morrie’s Place has rebuilt the engine, which is now polished and powdercoated and breathes through a new Amal carb and a Cone Engineering muffler.

1971 Triumph
Tony redesigned the dash area to do justice to the new speedo, and created an asymmetrical headlight/numberplate combination to sit in front. “I tend to lean towards symmetry—almost to a fault—and find it hard to get out of that, sometimes. The asymmetry was something I wanted to do from the start, and I think it came off well.”

1971 Triumph
Although the Triumph looks like a scrambler configured for dirt use, it’s fully street legal. Gray is Tony’s favorite color for finishing a bike, but this time he’s also added brown and black accents.

1971 Triumph
The result is immaculate, and almost too good to ride. But Tony isn’t precious about the bike, even though it’s over forty years old. “Can’t wait for the weather to break up here,” he says, “so I can shake this thing down for a bit before I sell it.”

1971 Triumph

Images by Jeff Barger. Check the Bike EXIF Archives for our coverage of previous builds from Analog Motorcycles, and visit the Analog site to keep in touch with Tony’s news.

Engine rebuilt by Ed Zender at Morrie’s Place with new piston, rings, valves, guides, kicker gears, seals, gaskets, bearings
Engine polished and powder coated
Custom fabricated exhaust with Cone Engineering Muffler
Brand new Amal Carb with K&N air filter
Brand new Buchanans SS spokes and nipples
Front rim changed to 18” and both rims powdercoated
Lowered and tailored front fender with custom made fender brackets
Completely re-wired
New gel battery
All electronics relocated to custom made Battery box under seat
New aftermarket aluminum signals
New PIAA LED headlight (very bright)
New polished scrambler aluminum bars
Tank polished and custom painted by Kiel @ Crown Auto Body
Pin striping, logos and number by Brando
Rear fender bobbed a little, and new taillight mounted
Custom-fabricated dash bracket with dash lights
Smiths speedo rebuilt by Scott @ Flatland Cycles with new white face
Fabricated mounts for new polished number plates
Shinko 705 Tires
Customized seat pan
New Upholstery by Rod’s Designs
New aftermarket levers and controls
New cables (speedo, clutch, throttle, and brake)
Relocated key
New relocated horn
Gazi Sport Classic rear shocks
Everything in black is new powder coating
Freshly rebuilt forks with new gaiters
New wheel bearings and brake shoes

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