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Analog Honda CB350

1971 Honda CB350
I’ve always imagined that the frontman of a metal band would ride something like a V-Rod with open pipes. But Mike Hranica of Devil Wears Prada has a taste for classic machinery. Like this elegant and deceptively simple Honda CB350.

He chose Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles to deliver. “Mike wanted a build based on a smaller displacement Honda,” says Prust. “I had a CB350 in the donor bike storage bin; Mike had a fairly specific idea of the stance and overall appearance.”

1971 Honda CB350
Hranica wanted a low 70s-style moto to cruise around his home in Chicago, and he was especially taken by the Eric Meglasson/Holiday Customs CB450 cafe racer—a big hit from a year ago.

But Prust had reservations. “I frequent Chicago, and the potholes there make a low bike dangerous. So I decide to leave the front suspension height alone, and lower the rear just a little with Gazi shocks—to keep it from bottoming out and give it better dampening. Adding tall sidewall Firestones filled in the look well, and gives the CB350 a low appearance without the low ride.”

1971 Honda CB350
Jason Koschnitzke at Mottomoto rebuilt the engine to stock specs. It’s now fitted with Mikuni VM30 carbs and K&N pod filters; the exhaust headers are stock but hooked up to shorty mufflers. The sparks come from Dyna mini coils and an Earth X lithium iron phosphate battery.

1971 Honda CB350
The subframe has been modified to suit the new seat style, and the paint, although custom, could be straight from a 70s bike brochure. New bars and indicators complete the low-key but classy look.

I’m sold. If you are too, check out Analog Motorcycles via their website and Facebook page.

1971 Honda CB350