1965 BSA Lightning

BSA Lightning custom by The GasBox
Jesse Bassett is the owner of The GasBox, a vintage motorcycle shop in Lakewood, Ohio. It’s a new name to me, but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Jesse’s company in the future: his BSA just won the Freestyle Class at the ‘Ultimate Builder’ AMD Championship affiliate event in Cleveland, and has gained a lot of interest over the past couple of weeks. The bike took two years to build and is a 1965 model—from the early days of Lightning production—although you’d be hard pressed to tell. The frame has been modified with a hardtail, and the girder forks are from a pre-WWII BSA M20. Handmade parts abound, and serious levels of craftsmanship are evident—from the exhaust fabrication to the diecast bronze gold flash tank emblems. Just beautiful. [Images by Scott Pease Photography.]

Engine: BSA 650cc Lightening, polished and completely rebuilt
Frame: Custom Hard-Tail stock BSA
Front End: BSA M-20 girder, modified to fit onto 1965 frame
Front Wheel: 21” modified BSA bantam hub
Rear Wheel: 18” BSA QD hub modified BSA drum
Fender: modified Wassell
Fuel Tank: modified Triumph OIF
Oil Tank: handmade, fitted with BSA cap and fittings
Carb: Amal 389 monobloc
Ignition: Boyer
Tail Light: 1930s Dodge
Headlight: 1930s MG
Exhaust: Handmade Stainless steel
Handlebars: Handmade
Levers: Cook replica of pre-war British style
Seat: Jason’s Custom Upholstery
Paint: black with gold leaf by Jerry’s House of Kolor
Polish and Nickel Plate: Jason’s Show Quality Metal Finishing

BSA Lightning custom by The GasBox
BSA Lightning custom by The GasBox
BSA Lightning custom by The GasBox
BSA Lightning custom by The GasBox