The new ICON 1000 Brigand boot
A look behind the scenes at one of New York's top motorcycle shops, Union Garage.

Shop Visit: Union Garage, New York City

New York’s a place I’d love to visit, but it’s probably not my top pick for motorcycle riding. A bustling, pothole-ridden city is hardly the safest place to head out on two wheels. Yet there’s a substantial motorcycling community in NYC—and Union Garage has them covered. Founder Chris Lesser (along with his partners and crew)…

A look behind the scenes at one of London's top motorcycle gear shops, Urban Rider.

Shop Visit: Legend Motors, Lille

If you’re in the market for fine vintage machinery, grab your passport and book a ticket to Lille. Lille is France’s fifth largest city—an hour from Paris and an hour and a half from London. And it’s home to Legend Motors: a chic and charming store specializing in rare vintage motorcycles.