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A look behind the scenes at one of New York's top motorcycle shops, Union Garage.

Shop Visit: Union Garage, New York City

New York’s a place I’d love to visit, but it’s probably not my top pick for motorcycle riding. A bustling, pothole-ridden city is hardly the safest place to head out on two wheels. Yet there’s a substantial motorcycling community in NYC—and Union Garage has them covered. Founder Chris Lesser (along with his partners and crew)…

A look behind the scenes at one of London's top motorcycle gear shops, Urban Rider.

Shop Visit: Legend Motors, Lille

If you’re in the market for fine vintage machinery, grab your passport and book a ticket to Lille. Lille is France’s fifth largest city—an hour from Paris and an hour and a half from London. And it’s home to Legend Motors: a chic and charming store specializing in rare vintage motorcycles.

A look at Mexico City's leading cafe racer store, Concept Racer.

Shop visit: Concept Racer, Mexico City

Mexico is one of the world’s great motorcycling destinations. It’s the all-time favorite trip of veteran moto journalist Peter Egan, who heads to Copper Canyon in northern Mexico. And then there’s the famed El Diablo Run, from San Felipe to Ensenada in Baja California. Despite reports of the glorious landscape and sunny climate, we’d never…

Back On Two, an intriguing motorcycle shop in the small city of Ness Ziona, Israel.

Shop Visit: Back On Two, Israel

We never thought we’d mention Israel and the new wave custom scene in the same breath. Until now. Just a twenty-minute ride out of Tel Aviv—in the small city of Ness Ziona—Lior Baruch has opened Back on Two. The retail space-cum-workshop is the first of its kind in Israel; a heady mix of nostalgia, gasoline…