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2022 electric motorcycle industry analysis

Electric Motorcycles: The state we’re in

We’re beyond debating whether or not the future of personal transportation is electric. Government bans on internal combustion engines are no longer decades-away concepts; they’re right around the corner. Harley-Davidson spun off its electric future into an entirely separate company, BMW recently released a slew of intriguing concepts, Husqvarna is teasing a number of battery-powered…

Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling & Design at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Fighting Talk: Harley design boss Brad Richards


Harley-Davidson is under a microscope right now: its every move is dissected, examined and critiqued. And there have been plenty of moves lately. They’ve killed the Dyna while relaunching the Softail. They’ve announced a barrage of new models, including the Livewire. But although revenue is holding up at the moment, sales figures have been declining…

Streetfighter, Livewire and Pan America: Harley’s strategy explained

Talking strategy with Harley’s marketing director

All eyes are on Harley-Davidson right now. When the Motor Co. dropped its bombshells earlier this week, the online motorcycling community instantly lost its collective mind. Two motorcycles stole the show: the production-ready LiveWire due next year (above), and the adventure touring Pan America (below) due in 2020. Harley also teased future ‘Streetfighter’ and ‘Custom’…

Q&A: A manufacturer’s view of the custom scene, with Yamaha’s Cristian Barelli

Q&A: A manufacturer’s view of the custom scene


Over the past couple of years, no manufacturer has commissioned more custom bikes than Yamaha Motor Europe. The Yard Built program has given us plenty of eye candy, and Yamaha was the first OEM to invite Bike EXIF to a new model launch—that of the XSR700. The XSR700 (and its big brother the XSR900, which…

Massimo Bordi, motorcycle designer

Interview: Massimo Bordi

Massimo Bordi is one of the most illustrious engineers in motorcycling history. He developed the 4-valve Ducati Desmo engine in the mid-80s,…