CR&S Duu: The V-twin superbike

CR&S Duu superbike
Milan-based boutique manufacturer CR&S has released images of its new Duu superbike prototype, powered by the familiar S&S ‘X-Wedge’ V-twin motor.

The 2-litre engine of the Duu (a play on ‘due’, Italian for ‘two’) might be familiar, but it’s wrapped in futuristic styling that takes several cues from the Confederate rulebook.

It looks like CR&S will be offering single- and double-seat configurations, and a wide range of options for customers to tailor the Duu to their personal tastes. Given that the personalized approach has worked wonders for Harley-Davidson and Triumph, the prospects for the Duu could be bright.

The only question mark will be the price: €20,000 is the equivalent of US$29,500, meaning that the Duu is even more expensive than motorcycles such as the MV Agusta F4 RR 312 1078. Still, the Duu is a striking-looking machine that will also be extremely rare.

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