BSA B40 Tracker

BSA B40 street tracker custom motorcycle
The Danish artist Cay Brøndum is also known for painting custom motorcycles produced by the Wrenchmonkees. But when it comes to his own bikes, Cay wields the spanner as well as the spray gun. And this neat 1969 ex-Danish military BSA was the first bike he completely restored himself. “With this project, I chose to go all the way,” says Cay. “I overcame the fear of tearing a working engine and gearbox apart.” The B40 was powered by a 343 cc single and found favour with armies for its simplicity: it was easy to ride, and easy to maintain. Cay’s B40, however, looks a little sharper than most: it’s inspired by the more glamorous B44 (Victor) Grand Prix scrambler. “Of course the paint and styling is important, but when you ride your bike on a sunny day, and you restored everything yourself, you almost feel every gear wheel spinning,” he says. “That’s a great feeling, highly recommended.” The BSA is now gone, replaced by a 1949 Harley bobber, but there are more pictures on Cay’s blog. [Image by Kristian Holm.]