Custom S&S panhead by MB Cycles

As seen on TV: An S&S-powered panhead by MB Cycles


There’s not much reality in reality TV these days. But there are still shows out there that are more interested in their source material than they are in hype. The German program, Handwerkskunst!, is a prime example. Handwerkskunst! (which translates to ‘craftsmanship’) is dedicated to craftspeople of varying vocations and backgrounds. Each episode focuses on…

Indian Challenger bagger race bike by Roland Sands Design

How to build an Indian Challenger race bagger, with RSD

Unless your internet’s been down for the past year, you probably know about the phenomenon that is bagger racing. MotoAmerica’s King of the Baggers is a six-race series for big race-prepped American V-twins, complete with fairings and panniers. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s produced some gnarly racing—and some pretty wild machines. Roland Sands Design are…