Homemade Sin: A wild custom Dyna from ICON Motosports

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
Our friends at ICON Motosports in Portland have a unique way of promoting their motorcycle gear. They’re known for producing off-the-wall videos filled with tire smoke and wheelies, and for building bonkers custom bikes that complement the aggressive styling of their goods. ‘Homemade Sin’ is their latest masterpiece; an S&S Cycle-powered Dyna, with Honda bodywork and a bad attitude.

“As ugly as Homemade Sin and twice as fast, she, like most ICON builds, is an acquired taste,” quips ICON’s design director, Kurt Walter.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
Described as “obscenely wide and built for glory,” this is a Frankenbike of the highest order. At its core is a T124 Black Edition motor from S&S Cycle, crammed into a 2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna frame, and surrounded by a smorgasbord of aftermarket and scalped parts.

Off the shelf, the 124 ci motor is good for a stonking 131.9 hp and 133.5 Nm—but Kurt says this one makes more, “through use of cantrips and darkish magic.” It inhales through an S&S air cleaner, and exhales via a set of custom-made exhaust headers, with S&S mufflers barking out the back. A Belt Drives Ltd. clutch and chain conversion sends power to the back wheel.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
ICON naturally also traded the Dyna’s low-slung cruiser stance for something a little more purpose-driven. Up front are set of upside-down forks, borrowed from a Ducati Monster. The wide yokes are particularly unique: they were made by Ducati in the 2000s, for a factory-sponsored Monster custom build-off.

“This was in the heyday of Biker Build-Off and before the great Italian renaissance, and Ducati was feeling left out of the fat tire fun,” Kurt tells us. “The factory made these obnoxiously wide-glide triple trees, and somehow we ended up with a set. I wanted to use them to remind Ducati that we remember what they did at band camp.”

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
Out back is a tasty aluminum swingarm from Roaring Toyz, hooked up to a pair of Nitron piggyback shocks. The wheels are vintage Abe cast alloy units, wrapped in 16” Avon Cobra Chrome tires with a chunky 150 up front, and a 160 at the back.

Braking duties are handled by AP Racing calipers, gripping EBC rotors. And if you didn’t spot the massive front disc the first time around, it’s because it’s cut with the same star pattern as the wheel.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
ICON cut, massaged and pasted Homemade Sin’s body parts from two different Hondas. The fork shrouds and headlight are from from a 1969 Honda Dream (yes, really), and have been reassembled around an additional oil cooler. Everything’s bolted to custom-made brackets, with a drilled radiator guard to finish it off.

Take a closer look at the headlight, and you’ll see an ashtray where the Dream’s speedo used to sit, and a pop-out lighter where the ignition used to be. “My very first bike was a Honda Urban Express moped,” says Kurt. “I loved that thing; it was the Harley of mopeds. My first mod was wiring in a cigarette lighter to fire up my Lucky filters while riding.”

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
The fuel tank’s from an early-80s Honda CB900F Supersport; ICON modified it by welding in twin endurance-style fillers. The crew wanted to used the CB900F tailpiece too, but it didn’t quite suit the project. So they rebuilt it digitally in CAD, 3D printed it in-house, and reinforced it with fiber glass.

With no plans to run this wild animal on the street, it’s devoid of things like turn signals and speedos. The cockpit simply features a pair of clip-ons, with Renthal grips, Magura controls and the bare minimum amount of switches.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
Once Homemade Sin was all buttoned up, the ICON crew headed for the derelict Middle Georgia Raceway for a proper shakedown. There, they pitted it against the equally gnarly ‘Bone Stock’—a revived 355 ci V8-powered Chevrolet Monte Carlo stock car.

“Bombing the forgotten asphalt of America’s highways and byways is a particular fetish for the ICON crew,” says Kurt. “This time we loaded up our Dyna for a race versus an American legend. Under the blistering southern sun and overgrown kudzu, she would find mechanized salvation.”

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports
“The track had seen better days—cracked and blistered, nature was quickly reclaiming the once glorious oval. It was a fitting venue for a battle of American muscle versus American muscle, Yankee V-twin against southern V8 on a storied Georgia battleground.”

“Pushing serious horsepower through race rubber, they competed for an imagined cup, with nothing but Cicada bugs for witnesses.”

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ICON would like to thank their sponsors: Avon Tires, Nitron Racing Shocks, S&S, Roaring Toyz, Klotz, Belt Drives Ltd., The Speed Merchant, Cometic Gasket, PBI Sprockets, EBC Brakes, Magura, Goodridge, Central Auto Body, and Performance Machine Inc.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna by ICON Motosports