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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 4 February, 2018

The best cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers of the week
Off-the-wall customs from K-Speed, Titan Motorcycles and Masaharu. Plus a classy Moto Morini Corsaro from Mr Martini, and a BMW K100 all the way from Moscow. We’re covering all the bases this week.

Honda Bros 400 by K-Speed
There’s no denying the talent oozing out of K-Speed’s Bangkok garage. And they’re not ones to rest on laurels either—barely two weeks after their Super Cub nearly melted our servers, comes this stunning Honda Bros 400.

Despite being a bit of a dud for Honda, the frame, wheels and single-sided swing arm on this Bros—dubbed ‘Future Storm’—are still original. But with a new all blacked-out finish, their lines now work well enough. The original Bros always looked like its shocks had been shook to me, so it also helps that K-Speed fabbed up a new subframe to create some much needed negative space above that rear wheel.

The new bodywork goes a long way too, with the reworked tank flowing expertly into an all-new custom tail unit. There’s a serious Tron vibe up front, thanks to beefy new fork guards that glide over top of the matching cowl when in motion. A headlight hides behind the louvered portion lower down, with some Motogadget turn signals up top, and on either side of the belly pan at the rear. [More]

Scrambler Ducati by Masaharu
Scrambler Ducati by Masaharu Scrambler Ducati’s Custom Rumble contest is in full swing again, with some pretty neat and tidy builds among the entries. But there’s one that clearly stands out. Built by Masaharu-san—one of the obsessive perfectionists behind parts fabricator Aella Japan—the ‘Aellambler’ is an absolute masterclass.

First, there’s the work that’s gone into the chassis. The subframe edit is spot on, but the smoothing and polishing work is otherworldly. (Just peep at that swing arm.) And then there’s the engine, which was treated to a serious cleanup that even included ditching the electronic fuel injection. The L-twin is now fed by a pair of 39mm FCR carbs, complete with a set of machined intakes and velocity stacks.

Scrambler Ducati by Masaharu
The real party piece here is that incredible bodywork. Designed via 3D modeling, the new form’s perfect flow is matched only by its shimmer. Western gold leaf—better known as brass foil—has been applied and reapplied to deliver this unique finish.

Honda CB350 by Titan Motorcycles
Honda CB350 by Titan Motorcycles I know what you’re thinking: pipe wrap, a wooden seat and a tank that could pass for Andre the Giant’s discarded whisky flask do not typically make for a stellar custom. But there’s much more than haphazard slap-dashery going on here.

Over the course of two years, partners Tom Possod and Michael Siebenhofer worked away on what began as a beat-up and busted CB350. The goal was to build a racer that would take concepts and ideas to extremes, while letting the two have fun in the process. Most of the metal work here is crafted from titanium—including the tank. And the Honda mill was reworked so that the guys could flip it 180 degrees, just for fun.

Honda CB350 by Titan Motorcycles
That wooden seat is actually a hollowed out piece of gorgeous olive wood. The hollowing out not only adds lightness, but gave the duo a place to stash the remaining electrics. It even has an injected resin running along a small split to match the yellow accents used elsewhere.

Some will scoff at the slightly ratty aesthetics but I like this thing. It’s good to be reminded that hot rodding can still be fun—for both the builders and the audience. [More]

Moto Morini Corsaro by Mr Martini
Moto Morini Corsaro by Mr Martini
There’s no denying the beauty and allure of a Moto Morini Corsaro. But there’s always room for improvement, right? Nicola Martini sure did a number on this one, which was unveiled recentlay at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona.

Working from the angry and aggressive Corsaro 1200 ZZ streetfighter, performance and handling weren’t in need of refinement. That bike already boasts near 140 hp and features some top-notch, fully adjustable suspenders and Brembo braking. Instead, the Corsaro Speciale is a nod to the salad days of café racers, incorporating some signature style from Mr. Martini to deliver a cracking classic look.

Moto Morini Corsaro by Mr Martini
Gone are the bug-eyed LEDs and angular bodywork, swapped for smooth, swooping lines that begin with the new Dunstall style fairing and end with the humped rear section. A Zard exhaust now brings the noise, with twin mufflers flanking the tail. There’s a strip of tuck-rolled leather up top that could be used for a rear perch, but you’d need to find a pretty brave partner to give it a shot. [More]

BMW K100 by Z17 Customs
BMW K100 by Z17 Customs
Based in Moscow, Z17 Customs is comprised of a duo of relative novices. Mikhael and Sergey only partnered up around three years ago, but in that short time they’ve made some leaps and bounds.

The one that started it all for the small atelier is this 1988 K100—a rarity in Russia, and one of the prettier flying bricks we’ve seen in a while. It took some work to get to this stage—the donor was a smoking, wheezing mess when the guys picked it up. A total tear down was in order, and they figure over 100 lbs of patina and plastics were shed in the process.

BMW K100 by Z17 Customs
The design of the build delivers a refined elegance that, dare I say, gives this brick a light and flickable demeanor. The subframe has been looped at just the right spot to mirror the overhang of the custom front fender. The seat looks plush enough to handle some distance, and its brown color sets off the cream and grey paintwork elegantly. And it would seem that Sergey and Mikhael found their niche, as they’ve since continued to source and tastefully refine a handful of BMW Ks. [More]