The Mighty Six: A brutal custom Honda CBX from The Netherlands

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
An email commissioning a new project is good news for any custom motorcycle workshop. But the crew at Moto Adonis in The Netherlands was particularly giddy when their latest project hit their inbox. The brief read like most others, save for one key detail—the client specifically requested a custom Honda CBX 1000.

Like many of us, Moto Adonis co-owners Arthur Renkema and Job Leussink idolize the mighty CBX. “It’s undoubtedly one of the most legendary machines ever built,” Job proclaims. “The sound of this beastly inline six-cylinder engine, skillfully crafted by Honda masters, is more than just noise; it’s a symphony of brute force that resonates as pure rebellion on two wheels.”

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
Despite their love for this 80s icon, Moto Adonis had no intention of simply creating a tidy Honda CBX 1000 restomod. “The bike was craving a contemporary, rugged touch,” explains Job. “And we didn’t just add a hint; no, we went all-out.”

Paying tribute to the CBX’s legacy, Arthur and Job kept the bike’s OEM fuel tank—but everything else was fair game. The guys set out to modernize the bike, while stripping back as much as they could to highlight its gargantuan engine. While we wouldn’t go as far as calling a six-cylinder superbike from the 80s ‘lithe,’ this CBX is one of the leanest we’ve seen.

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
Moto Adonis started by fine-tuning the classic Honda’s chassis. The stock 19F/18R Comstar wheels were tossed in favor of a burly set of 17” hoops from Kineo, now shod with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp rubber.

The front end wears a set of upside-down forks from Öhlins, with twin Brembo brake calipers in play. Out back, the CBX’s twin-shock suspension has been taken out of the equation. Instead, the bike now employs an Öhlins mono-shock, hooked up to the single-sided swingarm from a Ducati Monster S4R (a mod that reportedly took forever to get right).

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
Take a closer look, and you’ll spot custom linkages tucked into the bespoke subframe. Moto Adonis fabricated an aluminum tail cowl to sit behind the solo seat, taking care to give it a blocky appearance that complements the classic CBX fuel tank. Marcel Miller finished the seat off with a sporty leather cover.

If you’re looking for the taillight and license plate, they’re way out back, attached to a custom-made bracket that bolts to the swingarm.

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
Having gone down the rabbit hole with the chassis mods, Moto Adonis wasn’t about to skimp on the engine work. Luckily, help wasn’t too far away. “We discovered that the biggest six-cylinder guru in Europe happens to be just 25 km [16 miles] away,” says Job.

“Bert from SixCenter helped us fully overhaul the engine, down to every last bolt. Some things are better left to the specialists!”

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
Equally important was giving the Honda CBX 1000 a soundtrack worthy of it. Moto Adonis and their client agreed that a six-into-six exhaust system was the only way to go, so the team made it happen. Three headers run down the side of each bike, before kinking at the swingarm and exiting via a set of mufflers from MAD Exhausts.

After converting the clutch to a hydraulic system, Arthur and Job fitted the handlebars with brake and clutch master cylinders from Brembo. An LED headlight sits up front, with not one, but two Motogadget dials behind it—a fantastic throwback to the distinct style of the 80s. The bars also sport micro switches, and Motogadget grips, bar-end turn signals, and mirrors, while the bike’s wiring has been redone with a Motogadget control box.

Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis
The bike’s new livery is as simple as it is befitting this two-wheeled hot rod. Metallic blue dominates the bodywork, with a black stripe, flanked by gold pinstripes, running front to back. It’s the perfect finish for this brutal masterpiece.

The only question is whether this custom Honda CBX 1000 rides as good as it looks. “Test riding a custom monster always remains an exciting experience,” says Job. “We’ve built a lot over the years—but this fully-customized CBX, with its Öhlins suspension and six-in-six exhaust system, sits at the top of our list!”

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Custom Honda CBX 1000 by Moto Adonis