Über Tasteful: HB-Custom’s 1977 Kawasaki KZ750

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
We’re always intrigued to see what custom motorcycle builders get up to when there’s no brief, or client, involved. Personal projects either lead to wild experimentation, or they turn out as honest builds, devoid of the need to impress anyone.

No points for guessing which camp this Kawasaki KZ750 restomod belongs to. It comes from German custom builder Holger Breuer, who picked it up in boxes with the goal of building something simple and tidy for himself. Or, as he puts it: “I just wanted to build a really nice classic motorcycle again.”

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
Holger’s a full-time electrician based in Husum, a German town on the banks of the North Sea. He runs his workshop HB-Custom as a sideline gig, but still managed to cram this 1977-model KZ750B into a two-month timeline. It probably helped that he’d built a few KZs in the past, and had some leftover parts lying around, too.

It wasn’t all easy going though—the KZ was a true basket case, with the motor in the exact sort of condition you’d expect.

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
Holger sent the engine to Ingo Wurbel at Old School Superbikes for a rebuild. It came back as good as new, with fresh pistons, valves and bearings. And it’s just as clean on the outside too, with contrasting polished and black finishes.

Holger also changed the intake to a pair of Mikuni TM34 carbs with K&N filters, and added new exhaust headers with classic reverse cone mufflers.

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
He then tore out the 43-year-old wiring, and re-wired the bike from scratch. Upgrades include a controller from Axel Joost Elektronik, a Lithium-ion battery, and the electronic ignition from a KZ750 LTD. Everything’s stashed in a custom-made electronics box, tucked away discreetly under the seat.

Next, some elbow grease was applied to get the original wheels, brakes and forks up to muster. The wheels now wear Heidenau K67 tires, and the rear’s held up by a pair of Koni shocks.

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
For the bodywork, Holger kept the stock fuel tank—but cleaned it up and had it resprayed in a stylish blue scheme, with period-correct Kawasaki badges. Just behind it is a tasteful leather seat, perched on top of the KZ’s shortened and de-tabbed subframe.

The front fender’s still the original unit—but trimmed and chromed. The rear fender’s an aftermarket part, also chromed, and topped off with a Bates-style taillight. A pair of Kellermann turn signals finishes off the tail section.

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
Despite the Kawasaki’s throwback vibe, it’s sporting some stealthy upgrades in the cockpit. Holger installed Magura handlebars and controls, and a speedo, switches and bar-end turn signals from Motogadget.

The headlight’s the only vintage part, and it’s an inspired choice. It’s been lifted from an old BMW R45, and is held in place by Tommaselli brackets.

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom
Holger’s KZ is as classy as they come; neat, simple and created with a timeless aesthetic that doesn’t need to scream for attention. It’s a vibe that matches the classic twin’s performance—with 55 hp on tap, the stock bike’s more of a relaxed sports tourer than an outright racer. But that suits Holger just fine.

He does have one problem though: he’s also just finished off a classic Honda Africa Twin resto-mod, and he’s not sure which to keep, and which to sell. Any suggestions?

H-B Custom | Instagram | Images by Emayat Wahab

Kawasaki KZ750 by HB-Custom

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