Ducati bobber: FlightCycles Coup D’etat

Ducati bobber
This, believe it or not, is a Ducati. The bike started life as a wrecked M900S acquired by a SoCal custom Ducati shop, FlightCycles.

The frame was seriously raked out and cut up, and fitted with a front end from a Suzuki Savage and the rear wheel from a Honda Magna 750. The engine was given open velocity stacks and pipes and reportedly puts out 65 bhp. “Coup D’etat” tips the scales at less than 300 lbs, so performance is brisk for a bobber.

But with only two inches of suspension travel, you’ll need to go easy on the backroads. FlightCycles did a pretty good job here, especially considering that no running Ducatis were hurt in the building of this motorcycle—all the parts were from salvage yards.

Thanks to photographer Jules Cisek from Popmonkey.