Ducati Paul Smart by Revival

Ducati Paul Smart
The Ducati Paul Smart is one of the all-time greats—a high performance machine with equal appeal to fans of both modern and vintage machinery. But it’s not quite perfect … so Texas-based Revival Cycles leapt at the opportunity to thoroughly upgrade this 2006 model.

“We built it for a client who already has a Diavel and another Sport Classic,” says Revival’s Alan Stulberg. “The goal was to create the machine that Ducati should have originally built. The factory Paul Smart was a bit visually cluttered, with plastic bits here and there. It left the door wide open for us to give the Paul Smart a more vintage look with modern upgrades.”

Ducati Paul Smart
Much of the work was done with the help of parts supplier JC/Pakbikes. Revival started by installing a Termi 2-into-1 pipe and relocated the oil lines to reveal the timing belt cover, which is a Rizoma piece. “We also used a new lower triple from JC, and Rizoma reservoirs to top off the Brembo RCS clutch and brake masters. Then we installed stainless lines, a rear Demontech caliper mount and Brembo monobloc calipers and rotors up front.”

Ducati Paul Smart
Revival has also swapped out the stock Ducati Paul Smart front fender and mount for regular Sport Classic parts, to get a more ‘vintage’ and proportioned look. “It looks factory and clean and it’s easy to miss, but it’s a subtle detail that really adds something,” says Stulberg.

Ducati Paul Smart
The wheels are now Alpina carbon fiber items with anodized hubs, giving a big weight saving. The Paul Smart’s notoriously hot voltage regulator has been relocated (using a custom alloy mount) to under the seat subframe, where it’s cooled better in the airflow.

Rider comfort has been boosted too, with brown suede upholstery to match Japanese Posh gum grips. A few extra metal Rizoma pieces (such as mirrors) increase the perception of quality.

Ducati Paul Smart
The final touch is the tail section. “The client is a healthy 6’4″ tall and this helped push the plan to get rid of the old seat. We started with a fiberglass tail that was well proportioned—but not very well made—and then improved it,” says Stulberg. “We cut in a little American charm by installing a 1960s Corvette taillight bezel with a clear lens and a super bright red LED bulb.”

One of the neatest parts is the easiest to miss—Revival’s proprietary ‘Micro-Supernova’ rear turn signals. Using just three watts apiece, these tiny and bright signals are almost invisible when not lit. (“It was almost comical to see something less than 6mm x 15mm being carved out on a full-size Bridgeport mill.”)

Ducati Paul Smart
Revival’s client is now out and about enjoying his ‘new’ Ducati Paul Smart, and has just booked his regular Sport Classic in for a major overhaul. “He’s like us and just can’t leave it alone!” says Stulberg.

Head over to the Revival Cycles website for more information on their projects, and keep up to date with the company’s news via their Facebook page.