GG Quadster

GG Quadster BMW-based four-wheeled motorcycle
I can’t work out whether this is cool or not. But I bet it’s a blast to ride. Grüter + Gut’s first model, the Quad, attracted a lot of press and was a hit with thrill-seekers in places such as Dubai—where the roads flow as smoothly as the oil from the wells. Now the Swiss manufacturer has released a big brother, the Quadster, with a similar F1-style chassis and side pods. At $65,000 it’s not cheap, but its footprint is larger than a Smart car, so you could say you get your money’s worth. The engine and gearbox are stolen from the BMW K1200 sportsbike, and the Quadster can reportedly pull over a G in cornering force and clock 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Coming soon to a sand dune near you. [Via Gizmag.]

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