Honda CB250RS tracker

Honda CB250RS street tracker by Move On Garage
Is this the perfect, low-cost urban street tracker? Honda’s CB250RS is one of the unsung heroes from the early 80s: it was brisk, maneuverable and light, weighing less than 130 kg. And in the hands of the right builder, it can be transformed into a very stylish tracker. The engine is the bulletproof, four-valve single that made a name for itself in Honda’s XL250S, with twin exhaust pipes coming from the two exhaust ports. Power was respectable at 26 bhp in the early engines and 33 in the later models, but this was enough for a 90 mph top speed—and careful tuning can raise these figures even higher. The neat, stripped-back machine in the picture was created by Move On Garage, a boutique Tokyo shop with a pretty cool line of custom builds—including the full range of retro Honda CBs, Yamaha SR400/500s and Kawasaki Estrellas. [Via Mulligan Machine.]

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