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Honda CB250

Honda CB250 by OEM

England’s magnificently named Old Empire Motorcycles have crossed over to the dark side. Known for their classy Royal Enfield makeovers, they’ve just finished this vintage Honda CB250—complete with a plush ‘Chesterfield’-style buttoned leather seat. OEM describe the bike as a mix of cafe, brat and bobber styles. It’s nicknamed the Vulcan, after the Avro Vulcan…

Honda CB250 custom: Much Much Go

Honda CB250 custom

I spent most of last Saturday at Australia’s top custom shop, Deus Ex Machina, as one of the judges of the inaugural “Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build-Off.” There were over thirty bikes in the yard, with chrome and paintwork glinting under the unseasonably hot sun. Before the judging officially started, I wandered around incognito and checked…