Black Swan: A hot-rodded Honda CB900 with Ducati parts

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
The Honda CB900F was respectable forty years ago, but today it’s outgunned by sportbikes that are lighter, quicker and better equipped. But what if you gave the venerable CB new running gear and a bored out motor? NCT Motorcycles have just done that—and modernized its looks, too.

This 1980 model Honda CB900F arrived at the Austrian shop with a concept from its owner. He named it ‘Black Swan’ after the black swan theory: a metaphor for something unexpected that has a big impact.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
NCT took the brief and nailed it. Thanks to Ducati running gear and custom bodywork, this CB900F is unrecognizable except for its mammoth inline-four motor. But even that isn’t stock any more.

Shop boss David Widmann tells us that there’s about €8,000 (that’s about $9,680) of parts inside the engine alone. The list includes forged pistons and connecting rods, a lighter crankshaft, racing cams, new valves, and a whole bunch of other hop-up bits.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
The exhaust was ditched for a stainless steel four-into-one racing system, running into an Akrapovič end can. Together with a new set off Keihin CR carbs and K&N filters, the now-980 cc motor makes a stonking 130 hp at the back wheel.

NCT also scalped a Ducati Monster 1100 EVO for some parts—namely its wheels, single-sided swingarm, rear shock and rear brake. It’s a mod that the crew has done before, so they knew exactly where to weld the new shock mount to the frame.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
Up front is a set of Showa forks, held by a custom top yoke and matched the Ducati wheel. The front brakes are from Brembo, with a new master cylinder and braided stainless steel lines from Spiegler. There’s also a carbon fiber front fender, and a set of aggressive Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires.

Between the new running gear and the redesigned subframe, this CB now has a much sharper stance.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
For the Honda’s svelte new bodywork, David called in his friend (and Bike EXIF regular) Blaž Šuštaršič, from ER Motorcycles in Slovenia. NCT and ER have been collaborating for a couple of years now, but this is the biggest project they’ve tackled together.

Blaž not only designed the new parts, but fabricated them too. Both the tank and tail are one-offs, shaped in aluminum, with about 200 hours going into the tank alone. NCT’s newest team member and in-house engineer, Michael Kölz, milled a killer race-style gas cap.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
The headlight nacelle and speedo clamp were 3D printed, matched to an LED headlight and Motogadget speedo. NCT also rewired the whole bike around a Motogadget box, and installed switches and turn signals from the German company, too.

Other upgrades include LSL clip-ons, new rear sets and taillight / turn signal combo LEDs at the back.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
Naturally, the Black Swan has a stealthy livery to match its name. The finishes are mostly black, with subtle pin stripes, Honda ‘feathers’ on the tank, and a small ‘CB980 R’ motif on the tail. Look closely, and you’ll even notice that the paint accent color and seat stitching match the fork legs and gas cap.

The seat upholstery takes inspiration from the interior of the Lamborghini Urus SUV, and is finished off with a neat NCT Motorcycles logo at the back.

Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles
Practicalistas will note the lack of a license plate or mirrors. Rest assured, they exist—they’re just not fitted right now. That’s because the Black Swan will spend the rest of the European winter in its owner’s living room.

But come summer, the street legal bits will go on and it’ll be ready to wake up the sleepy streets of Salzburg.

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Honda CB900F custom by NCT Motorcycles