Honda CBX custom

1979 Honda CBX custom motorcycle
In 1979, the Honda CBX Super Sport was the fastest production motorcycle in the world. And it still looks sharp today. This brutal-looking machine is owned by Javier Cragnolini, an Audi Technical Instructor from Florida, who rescued the bike from a drag racer.

“The bike had 3000-something miles, most of them at the strip. I installed a Jet kit from Tim’s CBX, and ended up modifying it a lot because of the cams on the engine; it still idles very rough, but she’s a sweet ride.”

Javier bolted on the front and rear end from a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10, and built a new exhaust system himself. Then he topped it all off with a custom wiring harness, a pair of fog lights from a parts store, and a modified Ducati Monster seat. “Having worked as a mechanic for German cars since I can remember, I always deal with a very complicated product,” says Javier. “This made me keep the bike extremely simple when I was building it.”

A good move by the sound of it, and a terrific result.