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Alpine: An ice-cool Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Some custom builders get locked into one style, while others play all over the field. But Pierre Dhers at Freeride Motos seems to bounce between two very specific styles: scramblers and racers (of both the cafe and track varieties). Now he’s combined both disciplines into one ultra-crisp machine.

Dubbed ‘Alpine,’ this Husqvarna SM 630 was built to meet multiple needs for its supermotard enthusiast owner. “He wanted a different motorcycle with a ‘scrambler spirit’ to ride on a daily basis,” explains Pierre, “and to go to Wheels & Waves. But also to be able to use it on the supermoto track on the weekends.”

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Pierre’s biggest challenge reared its head straight out the gate—the brief. He’s used to having a fair bit of creative leeway on builds, but this client had a very specific idea when it came to the design. “The customer doesn’t know that it’s necessary to combine design and technical constraints,” he says, “for example the tank needs to contain enough gasoline to have a certain range on the road.”

The client bought this 2011-model Husqvarna SM 630 specifically for the project. It fit the bill, with horsepower in the high 40s, decent suspension out the box and a curb weight of just 327 lbs [148 kg]. No doubt it’s shed a few pounds during the rebuild, too.

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Pierre’s first big task was fabricating new bodywork to replace the Husky’s plastics. Step one was to get the shapes right with foam, then build a new one-piece body out of fiberglass. The unit incorporates a new fuel tank too, with a capacity of 12 liters (about 3.2 gallons).

“For track use, fiberglass is more easily repairable than aluminum,” says Pierre, “and it’s also very light.”

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Using fiberglass means having to create a mold—and that meant Pierre could take cues from the OEM parts. While building the mold he duplicated the underside of the original tank, so that he could integrate the stock fuel pump and match the part to the frame.

Underneath the bodywork, Pierre built a new subframe, and re-homed the electronic bits along with a Lithium-ion battery. Up top is a custom seat, upholstered by Christophe at Akotabe.

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
The client wanted the tail section as short as possible—but Pierre didn’t want to have to build an extended license plate bracket to keep it street legal. So he came up with a crafty solution: the end tip of the tail holds the taillight, turn signals and license plate. But it’s also detachable via just two fasteners, so that the Husky can be converted for track use, pronto.

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
The same consideration’s been given to the front end. Pierre shaped a fiberglass number board to tuck away the OEM dash, while the headlights are a pair of strong LED projectors on the bars, which are simple enough to unbolt. The front turn signals are wraparound LEDs on the fork legs; practically invisible until you fire them up.

Up top are Magura bars, fitted with Racetech hand guards and an Accossato brake master cylinder.

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Under the hood, Pierre left the Husqvarna engine as stock, but installed an anti-dribble clutch from Suter. He also ditched the air box for a Uni Filter pod filter attached to a custom silicon intake. The exhaust headers are stock, but there’s a custom two-into-one stainless steel connecting pipe, terminating in an SC Project can.

Other tweaks include a suspension rework by Sébastien at ORD, and Dunlop Mutant tires for road use. There’s a second set of 17” wheels wrapped in track-specific rubber, because swapping wheels is quicker than swapping tires.

Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos
Rémy at Art Scratch handled the livery, finishing the supermoto in Renault’s Alpine Blue with white highlights. The modified Husqvarna logos were designed by the client, and have a personal meaning.

The Husqvarna SM 630 is attractive enough in stock form, but Pierre’s taken this one to a whole new level. All it needs is a third set of wheels for ripping in the dirt, and it’d be perfect.

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Custom Husqvarna SM 630 by Freeride Motos