New and Noted: Motorcycle Gear

New motorcycle gear recommended by Bike EXIF.
Bell finally release the long-awaited Moto 3 helmet, plus we look at a minimalist leather track suit, riding boots for the apocalypse and a heritage piece that you can leave to your kids.

That’s right: you’re about to be broke.

The new Bell Moto 3 helmet in orange.
Bell Moto 3 Helmet There’s no shortage of 70s MX-inspired lids on the market at the moment. Now Bell has added one more: a re-issue of their iconic Moto 3. And it’s about damn time.

The new Moto 3 is a dead ringer for that manky old one lying around your old man’s garage—right down to the five-snap peak. Except it’s been brought bang up to date with a tri-composite shell, and a soft, terry-cloth liner that’s also moisture-wicking. It’s also ECE-approved—unlike that collector’s item on eBay. It’ll set you back $299 or so. [Buy.]

The REV'IT! Quartz H2O Rain Jacket.
REV’IT! Quartz H2O Rain Jacket Rejoice: you no longer need to look like a garbage man when the weather’s dire! European powerhouse Rev’It! have you covered with their new Quartz H20 rain jacket.

Available for around $92 in either olive or black, the Quartz H20 follows a traditional four-pocket, three quarter length design. The pockets are—naturally—waterproof, and there’s even a hood stowed away under the collar, for when you’re off the bike. The shell is a PVC-free polyester with a PU coating, and there are discreet reflective strips at the chest, back and arms. Adjustable tabs on the cuffs and waist—and a drawcord—help keep things sealed. [Buy]

Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket
Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket Taylor Stitch first released their Moto jacket last year—a gorgeous, whiskey-brown steerhide piece. Now they’re doing another run, and have added a black version to the line up.

The Moto jacket is a true heritage piece, made from full-grain, chrome-tanned, drum-dyed 3.5oz full-grain steerhide. The story goes that a Taylor Stitch staffer brought in a jacket that his father had bought back in 73. Enamored by it, the crew tracked down the original maker: Golden Bear. With the original hard pattern in hand—and access to the same hide house—they set to work tweaking and reproducing it.

The cut is timeless, bolstered by touches like hidden collar snaps, zig-zag stitching in selected spots and YKK zippers. Plus there’s an insulated, diamond-quilted liner to keep you snug. There’s no armor though—nor is there space to fit armor. Considering that armored under-shirts are a thing nowadays, we’re not fussed. Buy this as a heritage piece, ride in it every day and—as Taylor Stitch say—“leave your children something to fight about.”

Taylor Stitch are funding the Moto jacket through pre-orders on their site, but have told us that their funding goals have been far exceeded. Now they’re just waiting for any additional orders to roll in, before they ship early next year. [Pre-order]

Pagnol M5 Leather Track Suit
Pagnol M5 Leather Track Suit By now, it’s clear what Pagnol are about: quality leather riding gear with a timeless, understated vibe. With two jackets, gloves and pants under their belt, a track suit was the next logical step.

Meet the M5. Like all Pagnol’s stuff, it has a minimalist, modern aesthetic that rides the line between modern and retro. Sylvain Berneron wore a prototype for the testing and launch of the PRAËM BMW at Le Mans a few months ago, and it was the suit of choice for the Walt Siegl Motorcycles race team at the recent Barber Vintage Festival.

There’s 1.2mm leather throughout, with double-stitched seams and an extra 1/4” layer in the shoulders. Accordion panels and stretch kevlar sections add a level of comfort, along with a removable, breathable mesh liner. You also get SAS-TEC protectors and a back hump with perforation for ventilation.

The M5 is funding right now via Kickstarter. If recent events have left you a little wary of crowdfunding, rest assured that Pagnol have built an excellent reputation over the two years that they’ve been operating. [Kickstarter]

Icon 1000 Retrograde Boot
ICON 1000 Retrograde Boot While ICON 1000 gear always borrows a cue or two from the past, it ultimately has a style that stands alone. We couldn’t quite pin down the inspiration behind the upcoming Retrograde boot though, so we dropped ICON boss Justin Knauer a line.

“In a nutshell; we were sitting around talking about what an Elsinore HP from the future would look like, and the Retrograde was born,” he tells us. “You know that scene in Terminator where Arnold appears in the street after a big flash of electricity? That pretty much happened with this boot design.”

Styling aside, the Retrograde ticks all the boxes for functional, protective footwear. The upper is full grain leather, the sole is slip resistant, and has an axialmetric steel shank inside for stiffness. A zipper at the back gets you in, with a velcro closure and adjusting strap up front to fine-tune fit. There’s also a steel shin plate, and D30 inserts to protect your ankles. The $225 Retrograde is available in black or brown.