AC Sanctuary motorcycles

Kawasaki Z custom motorcycles by Sanctuary of Japan
Here’s a real find: a major Japanese custom motorcycle shop that’s somehow slipped under the radar of most westerners. It’s called AC Sanctuary and it’s a big outfit: the company has five stores in Honshū, the largest island, with a new one just opened in Yokohama and a head office in Tokyo. Sanctuary specialises in immaculate restorations of retro superbikes and often customizes the bikes to make them even more desirable. Kawasaki’s Z series forms the core of the business, but there are Katanas and Honda CBs too.

Sanctuary offers a ‘Real Complete Machine’ service: it’s a total rebuild covered by a 1,000 km warranty, with key components upgraded to modern specs. These machines come with two levels of engine rebuild: the ‘Life’ package, essentially a blueprinting and mild tuning service, and the more extreme ‘Power’ package. There’s even a ‘Factory’ section of the company dedicated to manufacturing: complete new wiring looms and electrical parts are created, and computer-controlled lathes can turn out custom parts in aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. Sanctuary also builds stunning Kawasaki racebikes such as this Z-Racer 2 from scratch.

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