The ICON Airform Glove
BMW R75/5 by Roughchild

RSWB: A Granada Red Toaster Tank BMW by Roughchild

There aren’t many new ways left to customize classic R-series BMWs, and that means it’s harder to make them stand out. You either need to build something wild or, like Roughchild Motorcycles of Los Angeles, keep it simple… and extremely tasteful. Founded by Robert Sabel, the Roughchild team works exclusively on BMWs—and has been doing…

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Speed Read, 16 May 2021

We’re racking up the air miles this week, with a stunning new build from the top Japanese workshop Hidemo, a new chapter in the saga of the Easy Rider bikes, and a crisp BMW K100 from South Africa. Plus a trio of sweet limited editions from the European brand Husqvarna.

BMW R80 cafe racer by Niks Motorcycles

Zig when others zag: Niks’ custom BMW R80


There’s a definite formula for BMW airhead customs. A few years ago, European workshops like Café Racer Dreams in Madrid figured out the recipe, and refined it over multiple builds. But very occasionally the airhead formula is ditched. And this time it’s another Spanish workshop: Niks Motorcycles of Barcelona. This eye-catching R80 is called ‘Nightmare’…