Custom BMW R75/5 by Roughchild Motorcycles

Roughchild’s BMW R75/5 is a love letter to the airhead


Calling Robert Sabel a purist would be missing the point. His Los Angeles-based shop, Roughchild Motorcycles, works exclusively on BMWs, without ever straying too far from their original looks. But their builds are more than just restoration jobs; they might look vintage on the surface, but they’re loaded with stealthy modern upgrades. “We sympathetically combine…

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Speed Read, August 22 2021

We’ve found something for everyone this week in our travels around the web. We’ve got an XT600 from the Netherlands, a Honda 599 from Bulgaria, and a revitalized Vespa from Chicago. Plus a stunning BMW finished in Porsche’s classic Olive paint, from Roughchild of Los Angeles. Enjoy.