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Mark Drews’ immaculate Triumph pre-unit

Triumph pre-unit custom motorcycle
Every few months you get a buzz building around a bike before anyone has really seen it. Last year it was the Falcon Kestrel; this year it seems to be Mark Drews’ Triumph pre-unit custom, “Solitary Confinement”. Right now, it’s on a ship bound for Japan with several other delectable machines, including the Kestrel and the Vincent Black Lightning built by Jeff Decker.

Triumph pre-unit custom motorcycle
“Solitary Confinement” will get its first public outing at the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Showin three weeks. Drews has used Harley-Davidson peashooter forks, a micro spool hub and a bicycle-type rim and tire at the front. The tank has an inner steel vessel with an outer cover hand-carved from Lucite—yes, that 1960s space age transparent thermoplastic.

Triumph pre-unit custom motorcycle
Fueling is reported to come from dual 389/689 Amal carbs, and there’s a hand-made micro flask oil bag with the original pre-unit fittings adapted to fit. The primary cover and motor mounts are also crafted from Lucite.

The simple black and silver colors work well with the beautifully balanced 60s-style aesthetics, proving that less is usually more when it comes to retro custom builds.

I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this Triumph over the coming months.

Triumph pre-unit custom motorcycle