Triumph Rocket III Stellan Edition

Triumph Rocket III Stellan Edition by SE Service
Swedish custom specialist Stellan Egeland is best known for his wild ground-up customs such as the SE Service Harrier. But he’s also made inroads into the mainstream market, thanks to an unusual alliance with Triumph Scandinavia. Triumph commissioned SE Service to work a little magic on the mighty Rocket III, and the result was the Stellan Edition. Egeland made three of these mean-looking sleds—two green and one black—and they were sold for around 300,000 Kronor (US$40,000) each. The price included a new fuel tank, new exhaust system and lowered instruments. The bikes were de-chromed, and naked filters replaced the air box. The rear frame was shortened, and a new front fender fitted. It gave the 2.3-liter, 140 bhp Rocket even more road presence, while Triumph got a bump in the street cred stakes and SE Service popped up on the radar of more Scandinavian bikers. So, kudos to Triumph for commissioning these bikes. Wouldn’t it be great to see Harley commission similar special editions from Mule or Storz? Or see Yamaha hooking up with Deus for a custom SR500? [Head over to YouTube to see the Stellan Edition on video.]