1957 Triumph Tiger 110

Triumph twin owned by Bob "Snuffy" Smith
Triumph’s Tiger 110 was the forerunner of the Bonneville, developed for the American market. And sixty years ago, its 649 cc parallel twin OHV motor made it the fastest Triumph you could buy. This lovely 1957 model was owned by the late Bob “Snuffy” Smith, a racer from Pennsylvania, and photographed by his friend Harold Ross. “Bob purchased the bike in the mid 80s and then restored it,” says Ross. “He fitted a single saddle, had the side covers chrome plated, and inverted the racing stripe paint scheme on the fenders to fit his liking. His son Matt remembers being on vacation in Florida when his father had the chrome-plated parts shipped there, because he was so eager to see them.” The subtle mods were well-chosen: they’ve removed all vestiges of the stock Tiger’s slightly bloated looks. And if you’re wondering why the photo looks different to the usual motorcycle studio shots, it’s because Ross employs an unusual technique: light painting. This involves working in a completely dark studio, opening the camera shutter for a long time, and then ‘painting’ on the light using a modified fiber optic cable. Just the thing to show off the fine curves of a vintage Triumph twin.