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AC Schnitzer F 800 Reloaded

AC Schnitzer's BMW F800 superbike, "Reloaded"
BMW’s F 800 series has been getting a lot of attention since the launch of the original S variant in 2006. And right now, the flavor of the month in Europe is the 87 bhp F 800 R roadster, as ridden by stuntman Chris Pfeiffer. Off-road specialists Touratech have already given their take on it with the ScrambleR, and now the BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has released the Reloaded. Somewhat dubious cosmetic modifications—a belly pan and fairing—amplify the ‘streetfighter’ look, but the suspension work is more interesting. There’s an adjustable ‘Fusion Spring Strut’ for the rear and new fork springs developed with the help of WP Suspension at the front. The bike also has black anodized superbike-style handlebars, and a road-legal ‘Stealth’ muffler with removable ‘DB-killer’, which will boost the power output a little. We’re surprised they haven’t done more with the engine, but maybe that’ll come later.

  • oh god. my eyes hurt. I thought one of the rules of good design was “Good design is as little design as possible”

  • Josh

    I dont care what the neighbors say, that is one sharp looking fighter. The nod to track bikes with the race under-fairings.
    I love it.

  • While the boxer series has matured into a great balance of technology and refinement with the R1200R, the F/K nakeds have had trouble finding their design sweet-spot. I like this take on it.

  • Carson

    The more details I notice, the more I like this fighter. I disagree with the first poster. Minimalism is not necessarily the best kind of design.

  • Steve Lenz-Williams

    I would have one of these in a flash! Looks like something 007 would be seen on. Minimalism is NOT always better as demonstrated here.

  • Thomas Gohl

    festooned with gee gaw and what not, plus the motor isnt even tuned, im with the first poster!

  • mingh

    i had a go on the R version when they came out. For a new bike it’s real fun to ride. very playful and enough power. I liked it much better than a Monster 900.
    stylingwise most ‘streetfighters’ are fugly to my eye. Yet another attempt to create a niche and plug it (after the neoclassics, superbikes, monobikes, street trackers, trailbikes, supertrailbikes, scramblers …).From the seat of a real classic bike, I like to see these fads implode on the shop floor.