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BMW K100 custom

BMW K100 custom motorcycle
Californian Larry Romestant is a man with a unique vision for custom motorcycles. In the BMW world he’s known for his ‘Special Ks’—restored and modified water-cooled K-series bikes. The bike shown above is ‘The Beast’, and it’s an apt moniker.

Larry’s taken the frame from a 1986 K100 and fitted a motor from the mighty K1200RS. The internals are stock, but aspiration is through 45mm velocity stacks and the exhaust is 4-into-2, a reproduction of the exquisite sounding Contis fitted to Ducati Desmo twins. To extract the very last ounce of power, a K1100 Motronic module is enhanced by a Dynojet K1200RS Power Commander. According to Larry, “The engine fires easily and throttle response is immediate and crisp. The air/fuel ratio is tightly controlled throughout the rpm range, and remains closed loop for combustion efficiency and optimal performance at all speeds. The sound is unlike any made by a flying brick. When on the pipe, it’s reminiscent of the howl of a Honda CB750 Four—but more menacing and deeper.”

BMW K100 custom motorcycle
Other mods include lowered suspension and later-model 305mm floating discs—which is probably a good move, given the 130hp output of a standard K1200RS straight four. So what’s with that headlight, Larry? 
“It’s my interpretation of the famous (and rare) Rauch item built in the 50’s in Der VaterLand. I call it the ‘Romestant 3 Hole Bucket’. It houses three digital gauges: speedo, tach and fuel level.”

BMW K100 custom motorcycle
Mounted under the seat are two additional gauges, oil pressure and engine temperature. It’s a striking look and if you fancy one of those buckets for your own BMW, Larry can make one for you.

See more of his bikes here, or head over to the BMW MOA website for details of Larry’s other creations.

Images by Thomas Bloch.

BMW K100 custom motorcycle

  • I dig the bike, don’t get me wrong…but what’s with the Ronald McDonald paintjob? Eeeck!

  • Viv

    Oh my EYES, God make it stop…
    With that said I generally like the BMW bricks but that paint job?

  • kim scholer

    Hold it, guys; those are K1 colours.

  • thumbs down…….

  • Yes, and those colors looked awful on the K1 as well. Furthermore, the K1 at least had some graphic striping to integrate the two colors together a bit better, rather than just spraying various panels and parts differently.

  • cormyb

    im all for something a bit different , but that’s taking the piss!!!!!!!!!

  • The_Scrote_From_Lanzarote

    @ Tanshanomi

    Thanks, now I have images floating in my mind of the rider wearing Ronald McDonald themed leathers, oversized boots and huge red wig stuck to the helmet.

    On the other hand, you would be the star of the evening riding up to a children’s birthday party.

  • Tinman

    I think the bike looks good, BMWs are known for their Quirky styling. This looks like it could have come from the factory. If not for the twotone paint the bike would look to heavy, and Im tired of flat black visual tricks. Nice Job.

  • Ecosse

    it’s not the color choice. it’s the color scheme that is repellent.

    but that’s a fixable issue on an otherwise wicked machine.

  • Iain

    Colour scheme immediately brought to mind a Bohmerland. So I like it.

  • WRXr

    Well, it is one man’s vision. I hope he enjoys it.

  • Beefsquasher

    EGADS! Someone please stop this man. Now.


    i also have a modified k100 but have never put it on this site .I now feel free to put it up because the competition level has just been lowered.Larry you are a BMW rider show some of that style that my friends expect of a BMW rider and his steed..

  • Guys, I think you’re being a little harsh here. Yes, it’s colorful, and yes, those colors are pretty full-on, but then again BMW has never shied away from bright combinations in the past. It’s a brave approach that works for some and not for others.

  • WRXr

    Another look. I think if the yellow sections were painted over red…or even silver, most of the posters would have no issue. Anyone care to photoshop?

    Color is highly personal…and easily changed as well.

  • Ken

    I love it. The underslung gauges, the bell-mouths. And yes, the colour scheme too, particularly the way it’s picked up in the gauges and lettering on the rocker cover. The physical presence of the engine is magnificent. It’s all quite sympatico with the look of new BMWs too. Top work.

  • sgeechee

    I like it. No problem with the paintjob. But i think the headlight, which looks very “retro” to me, does not really fit modern (in comparison) style of the brick.But as an single part, i like it alot.
    Greetings from Germany.

  • Good Lord, Chris, these haters should stop eating MacDonalds. Finally, a BMW conversion done right. As soon as I saw this bike I was instantly reminded of the K1 colorway and this is a very sympathetic interpretation of the K series. Admittedly, a stripe here or there would not go astray, but is not essential. The headlight / dash is reminiscent of the R60 or similar models of that vintage, and does not detract from the overall look or feel, albeit quirky. I just noticed the vintage roundel… The man’s a genius!

  • Big_fella

    I am a beemerphile, owner and fully a fan of the brand. This, however is one of the nastiest looking motorcycles I’ve seen, here or anywhere.

  • Jiri

    Did you say K1200RS engine? Dont ge tme wrong, but it looks like typical K100 engine, except of valve cover!?

  • WildHog

    It’s ART people. Stop spending your time and money at McDonalds, get some CULTURE and you might just learn to appreciate the beauty.
    Nice Work, Larry.

  • breeze

    great detail…..i like the floped the TBs on their sides…cool.

  • baddad

    McDonalds bike.

  • badhairday

    B E Û R K… I guess Ronald likes it though.

  • Ammerlander

    So, to check the temperature or oil pressure you´ll basically have to stop and get of the bike?
    That would seem kinda impractical to me.
    I like the look of the engine though.

  • claudia

    Unlike most customs, this bike doesn’t look custom…it looks like it was meant to be. Functional art. Color is very personal. Since it looks like Romestant is building one-offs, I’m guessing the color was the choice of
    client..touche to him/her. The color has to fit the boldness of the build.
    Red provokes.. it’s intense and fits.

    I went to his website…I love the K75 in the traditional bavarian evokes the nostalgic. It’s clear this man knows what he’s doing.. attention to detail is exceptional. Get your head out of the french fryer…
    I’m betting there’s more to come from this man.

  • Terrible.
    Just like a BMW.

  • Thanks for the comments, good and otherwise. The color choices were the client’s, and seeing the bike for real the colors work, so well it seems, that the bike has garnered several 1st place show awards, (as have my other builds) and is a daily rider like all of my builds. KEN; Can I adopt you? SGEECHEE; The style is called ‘Retro Modern’, so your perception is accurate, and Grüße aus den USA Gela? JIRI; The motor is K12RS, the engine covers are K1100. The basic block of the K1200 is shared with the K100/K1100, and the covers are interchangeable, however the timing cover of the K1200 is not interchangeable. The giveaway that the engine is K1200 is the cast channel feature in the timing cover. AMMERLANDER;The two gauges for oil pressure and water temp are angled so the rider only has to glance down to read the white needles. DOUBLEOHTWO; Thanks for the kind words, and I’ll stripe the ‘K’af’e. BADHAIRDAY; Sorry, don’t know if Ronald likes it or not, can’t see why not. BIGFELLA; It sure is nasty, as soon as you open the throttle! Please visit my website to see what else I have done, and please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks again.

  • Ted

    I love this bike. The level of detail is insane, the headlight shell is a work of art and the intake close-up is now my computer wallpaper! I would like to strangle the client, I think if BMW could have made this in black with white pinstripes it would have immediately sold every single one it could make. Bravo for a job exceedingly well done.

  • Mike Moon

    the real question is this: Would you buy one of these? If so, then get hold of Larry R. and start working out the details.

    The buyer chose the colors.

    Can a motorcyclist find happiness with a refurbished 20 year old K bike? The answer is yes. Thank the random nature of mutation and creation that we are all different and that someone has finally seen fit to customize a BMW K in a way that is technically and visually interesting.

    fire up photoshop and come up with your own color scheme.

    I hear the next Larry R. bike is a K-LT. If this one drove you to distraction I can’t wait to read the comments on the next one.


    Nice work,Excellent Retro vision projected onto a newer model.This is something I wish to accomplish someday.Love the nod to the K1 and to the Slash 5 series.Iwould not change a thing!

  • Zweirad

    I saw this bike and other Special Ks at the BMWMOA Int’l Rally in Redmond this summer. It’s beautiful in the flesh. The one that I like best is light metallic blue K75 with a tan leather seat. All in all the workmanship and attention to detail are top notch. I’d be proud to have one in my stable.

  • josh beloff

    Absolutely beautiful workmanship. That is something that can’t be compromised. Don’t like the paint scheme…..then paint it. These are stunning motorcycles and Larry is a craftman of unmatched quality. Very nice work. I think I’ll be owning one of these soon.