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BMW K1200R custom by Wunderlich

BMW K1200R custom
This is so odd I just had to feature it. When BMW launched the K1200R in 2006, it was the world’s most powerful naked bike. But even with 163 hp on tap and immaculate handling, there’s always someone, somewhere, who wants more. To satisfy such folks, the German tuner Wunderlich hired the Dutch designer Bart van den Bogaard, and let him loose on the K1200R. The result is the Wunderlich Caranguejeira, named after a large Brazilian spider. And it looks … um … interesting. (A UK bike magazine describes it as “a savage nuclear-winter-surviving urban attack vehicle.”) The basic Caranguejeira conversion includes a new top yoke, tapered aluminum bars, triple headlights and a carbon fiber rear seat cowl. The instruments are relocated to the top of the tank. Power junkies can also fit a double air intake kit to boost output by 5+ hp, plus a Zard PowerGun silencer that might add a little more. Interessant, nicht wahr?

BMW K1200R custom
BMW K1200R custom

  • It looks like a Brazilian spider transformer

  • Leston C

    seems a little overdone to me? any side shot pictures available?

  • Woody

    My first reaction was “what the…” Reminds me of a horned toad.

  • Turgut

    Umm.. I’ll take that cb750 of House Rockers instead..

    Overdone, indeed..

  • Wayne H.

    Right out of “Batman Returns”

  • Ernie the Dancing Weasel

    Scary lookin’ friggin’ bike…

  • FamousMortimer

    the ugliest bike i have ever seen. that headlight assembly looks like johnny 5.

  • JU


  • Emmet

    omfg. very interesting design, although the exhaust is too linear for a bike with so many jagged lines and sharp edges

  • Aaron Burke

    I’ll take it! Just give me an add-on windscreen and some optional add-on side luggage cases.

  • Nick

    U-G-L-Y – you aint got no alibi. You ugly.

  • D

    That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It makes a VMax look delicate and subtle.

  • D

    (That was an affirmation, by the way. I’d take one.)

  • econobiker

    Still more mainstream than the $80k+ cyborg choppers from Confederate Cycle…

  • Good lord. This is just a whole ‘nother level of bad ass shee-it. Although why stop at the paint? Spidey needs to be murdered out in matte black.

  • Drugs are bad, and the proof is right there.

  • daan

    Interesting yes, ugly also! Not the famous Dutch Design if you ask me

  • Maruice Poonwhiddle

    Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.
    That is one hideous creation right there, messier than a whore’s handbag. Not one symetrically flowing line on the whole shiteree.
    Truly abhorrent even by BMW standards.

  • Turgut



    Thanks for the joke of the day..

  • Anonymous

    That is one sexy, sexy bike.

  • Batman’s motorcycle is what it looks like to me…. It’s super cool, but unless you are in the habit of wearing a cape and cowl, you probably wouldn’t want to own it.

  • Anon

    nasty…. I’ll take any other bike any day over this one… within reason.. but still… this bike is ugly!

  • Bob

    Johnny 5 IS ALIVE!

  • dan_GS

    Awesome, the took an already aggresive machine and added steroids. It is obviously meant to scream at you and say ‘up yours’, I think it is neat that they went all out on a bike that not many people will purchase. None the less you can buy parts as pieces that make up this brazilian terror. Wunderlich makes great parts as well, I had quite a few add-ons from them on my last Beamer.

  • Aaron Burke

    Not my cup of tea by a long shot! Even the studio shots seem to want to hide details rather than highlight them. Speaks volumes for the overall bike design and how it doesn’t appear coherent.

    Hmm, another Aaron Burke has just started posting on here, welcome. Or is it troll season again?

  • kevin

    Bart go get your eyes checked

  • Jonathan

    Woops, I think somebody slipped with their pencil

  • merlot75

    the back of the bike..hmm okay but the front..wuuuuhhhahhhaaa..
    nr 5 is alive…!!!

  • Brilliant/Innovative
    BMW is the leader not a follower
    Wake up people

  • Jonathan

    @ [email protected]

    Go ahead and buy it, you’ll sure give me laugh :-))

  • Mike Cecchini

    Sorry……. I just had to laugh at this one.

  • Bob A.

    I love this bike. It looks more pissed than my blacked out vmax with it’s 250 rear tire and Kerker exhaust. Still easier to look at than the posers in leather and dew rags riding 65 hp look alike bikes. I need this bike in my line up. Long live the engineer willing to crush their way out of the box. Give it to me if you are dissappointed.

  • Swagger

    Johnny 5 is ANGRY!!!!!!!

  • lifrange

    je suis
    intéressé par certaines pièces pour la K1200R
    j’habite à Liège(Belgique)

  • xtophr

    This bike suits me. I fell in love with it immediately when I first saw it years ago. It’s so different and not many would even know what it is. Brilliantly done!

  • Hvp

    Any one with working set of eyes and aesthetic sense will realize that this is a hideous design .I am a BMW fan myself but since last 5 years BMW motorcycle designs continue to amaze me .
    Gone are the R100RS, R100R, R100RT or even the R100 simplicity in style .

  • Boris

    looks SICK. Can i get the belly pan and the front light for me k1200r somewhere??