BMW R100/7

BMW R100/7
Most of the machines we feature on Bike EXIF are one-offs, or limited editions, or customized in some way. But if I was planning a long, leisurely trip cross-country, I’d be looking for a classy, relaxed tourer. And with a pair of authentic Krauser panniers installed, this immaculately preserved BMW airhead would fit the bill perfectly. As Big Bike said in its 1977 review, “No slouch in the tight stuff, the R100/7 still loves to soar across the roadways of the world like a high wind over the sea. Still the ne-plus-ultra of touring bikes.” During its four-year production run—from 1976 to 1980—the BMW R100/7 was probably the most desirable bike in the world. Just 12,000 rolled off the production line, and they were regarded as the Rolls Royce of motorcycling. This pristine example is owned by Neil Rote, a vintage guitar and amplifier dealer who lives in a small town in rural Australia, some 250km from Melbourne. Neil has great taste in bikes as well as Gibsons and Fenders: his garage also includes a 1970 Norton 750 Commando Fastback (with Dunstall upgrades), a 1973 Laverda 750 SF1, a 1983 Moto Guzzi 1000SP and a 1960 BMW R60 sidecar rig.

  • Clearly a man of great taste – his guitar site is as interesting as the bikes – brilliant stuff

  • Chris Pootay

    There hasn’t been anything close to classy in the way that those late 70s early 80s slash series BMWs were. It’s too bad the BMW had to give all this style up and go the direction of those angular, plastic-y, futuristic hideosities that make up their current lineup.

  • gabriel

    Great post … Please check out my R100/7 custom, build journal here:

    It’s still a work in progress… currently working on reworking the original tank into something smaller and narrower. But she runs and handles well.

    thanks, and keep up the amazing work

  • Tin Man 2

    Clearly a well preserved exanple, Looks very Nice. My only question would be, If it was the most desireable bike in the world, Why were only 3K sold yearly? Was this a limited production machine, or was it over priced? What was the top selling big bike in 1980 ? A Gold Wing or maybe a Harley Electric Glide? I dont care for the Buzz Lightyear style of the new BMWs, but I would think they must sell alot more bikes now than back in those days. P.S. I went to see the new BMW1000 R on Sunday, It looks to put the other Litre bikes to shame, for about the same money!!