BMW R100/7 scrambler

BMW R100/7 scrambler
Even the stateliest grand tourer can be turned into a scrambler. This example is a 1977 BMW R100/7 owned by Frank, from Kandel in Germany. He bought the bike in 1983, with just 5,000km on the clock; the BMW is now up to 196,000 km, without any issues apart from a gearbox defect last year. Frank lowered the forks 6 cm, and made a new sub-frame, seat and license plate bracket. He also fitted Tomaselli bars, Koso digital instruments, Dunlop Trailmax tires, a Ducati rear fender, and a fuel-tank from a BMW /5. The muffler is a Supertrapp and it sounds unbelievable: check out this YouTube video to hear it for yourself (at 1:02 in).

  • Ian Solley

    To customise an old boxer like this is the top of my list for the next project – what a cool bike.

  • mark

    I absolutely love old BMWs, and this Scrambler take on one is perfect!

  • pushrodmofo

    I loaded the video to hear this “unbelievable” exhaust. Meh. Until 1:10 when he gives it some revs – wow! Not sure I’ve ever hear a boxer sound that good. Excellent job.

  • Glenn Edley

    That sounded great! What an awesome project.

  • Glenn Edley

    Here’s a good starting bike if you’re in New Zealand:

  • megola

    please stop posting big money waste bikes on this site.

  • Ray

    yeah! stop posting exceptional bikes on here!

    I love this site and all the posts. All the bikes may not be my taste but i love the variety. Please don’t limit your scope, and thanks for the sweet bikes!

  • flyin_flip

    funnily the next video is the same bike, as a “flattracker.” A black HD sportster tank and a black sidecover does the transformation. Wonder if he also did it as a cafe racer?

  • PaulN

    I love this somewhat disrespectful treatment of a ‘proper’ bike. BMWs are great machines, but I love that someone was able to tastefully hack one of the classics into a different version of itself. And the exhaust note, nice and angry! Superb.

  • Ian Solley

    Just bought a nice R80RT on Ebay fully refurbished….until I pull it apart.

  • YJH

    my type of girl_oups of bike

  • Turgut

    Thanks for the video link Chris, adds something more to the postings.
    The looks is one thing and hearing the engine is something else.
    However, I realize that it’s probably much harder for an editor to select a video with decent quality. IMHO, fix focus, stable shooting videos could be more appropriate for’s concept, kinda like this one:

  • eldritch

    Awesome bike!

  • Carl

    Looks nice without a rider on it! Ever wonder why no video with a rider on these type BMW projects? Seems to me the setup is terrible for the rider’s legs. Really cramped.

  • ish

    Dude, we need to get one of these in to my motorcycle rental shop in los angeles.
    I’m tearing apart and rebuilding a Husqvarna right now that is completely rusted, but otherwise looks to be in perfect condition — it’s gonna be a scrambler for sure, but I need to figure out how. Any all ideas are more than welcome. Especially from Frank!

  • Demarco

    It just shows how creative people can be and not just chop a bike up like I see so many do and then believe it looks good, this guy knew what looked good and did it, great job!

  • Evo

    Great looking bike – and like Demarco says, a nice change from a chop job!

  • Dirk

    This bike has inspired myself and a friend to go down the same route of a recently aquired R80 TIC. Great look and the black looks pretty awesome.

  • seventhskyline

    Scrambler? What the f**k kind of scrambles could you enter on that?