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A super skinny BMW flat tracker by VTR Customs of Switzerland.

The skinny on building a BMW flat tracker

Some builders search far and wide to find the perfect donor. But, sometimes, the right bike literally rolls through the door. This BMW belonged to a 75-year-old Swiss gentleman who had just decided to hang up his helmet. So he took his R75/7 to his local dealer and asked them to sell it for him.…

Snow Patrol: An ex-military Husqvarna 256 by 654 Motors

Snow Patrol: An ex-military Husqvarna 256 with skis

Mention vintage Husqvarna dirt bikes, and the legendary Cross 400 immediately springs to mind. But Johan Nordin of 6/5/4 Motors has managed to get his hands on something even more rare and quirky. He’s managed to score a Husqvarna 256—a bike that was developed in 1968 specifically for the Swedish defence force. Only a thousand…

White Hot: A track-inspired BMW R100 by Union Motorcycle Classics

White Hot: Union’s track-inspired BMW R100 R

There’s something about Beemers with classic fairings and paint—just look at all the fuss being generated by the new R nineT Racer. But there’s more than one way to get that lovely rennsport look, and Union Motorcycle Classics have absolutely nailed it with this heavily modified R100. Builders Mike Watanabe and Luke Ransom are best…