• Interview: Guy Martin

    Interview: Guy Martin

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    One of the best motorcycle movies of recent years is TT3D: Closer To The Edge. It’s a documentary about the Isle of Man TT, and it more than lives up to its billing as a “heart-stopping joy ride for anyone with a pulse”. Much of… Read more »

  • Interview: Hugo Wilson

    Interview: Hugo Wilson

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    Hugo Wilson is the editor of Classic Bike, the world’s biggest selling classic motorcycle magazine. He lives in the north east of England, rather than London, as you might expect, and presides over a well-written and beautifully designed monthly. When not exercising his formidable editorial… Read more »

  • Interview: Nick Clements of Men’s File

    Interview: Nick Clements of Men’s File

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    Nick Clements is a man of many talents. He’s a top-flight fashion photographer, a menswear designer, and thankfully for us, a dyed-in-the-wool motorcycle fanatic. In the motorcycling world, Clements is best known as the publisher of the magazine Men’s File, a moto-themed style rag with… Read more »

  • Interview: Glynn Kerr

    Interview: Glynn Kerr

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    If you read Motorcycle Consumer News in the USA or 2Wheels in Australia, you’ll know columnist Glynn Kerr. He’s one of the world’s most experienced motorcycle designers, and has worked on bikes as diverse as the Yamaha TDMs and Super Ténéré, the Voxan Scrambler and… Read more »

  • Interview: Marco Raymondin

    Interview: Marco Raymondin

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    Marco Raymondin is well known in the French classic motorcycling scene, but little known outside it. In the 70s he started Brooklands Motors, a Triumph dealer near Paris. Brooklands later switched to selling Ducati, but Marco has now gone back to his first love: dealing… Read more »

  • Interview: Mark Wilsmore

    Interview: Mark Wilsmore

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    The Ace Cafe in northwest London is one of the most iconic biker hangouts in history—and the spiritual home of the original ‘cafe racer’ motorcycle. When the Ace closed its doors in 1969, it looked like this slice of motorcycling history was gone forever—until new… Read more »

  • Interview: Jared Zaugg

    Interview: Jared Zaugg

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    Jared Zaugg may not be a household name, but he’s the man who put high-end motorcycling on the map. He was one of the founders and the driving force behind the Legend of the Motorcycle concours d’elegance—widely regarded as the world’s premier motorcycle event. It… Read more »

  • Interview: Richard Backus

    Interview: Richard Backus

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    Richard Backus is the editor of Motorcycle Classics (est. 2005), the bimonthly US magazine for lovers of older bikes. You can also read his thoughts in the Black Side Down blog and when he’s not writing, he’s riding his beloved Laverda RGS. What was the… Read more »

  • Interview: Peter Egan

    Interview: Peter Egan

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    There are many good motorcycle columnists, but few great ones. And Peter Egan is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats. Like all the best writers, he knows how to tell a story—and his stories capture the almost indefinable magic of motorcycling better than anyone else.… Read more »

  • Interview: Roland Sands

    Interview: Roland Sands

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    Roland Sands was just five years old when his parents Perry and Nancy, founders of Performance Machine, introduced him to two wheels and a throttle. There was no looking back: Sands raced as a pro for ten years, setting multiple track records in the US… Read more »

  • Interview: Jeff Decker

    Interview: Jeff Decker

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    Jeff Decker is a historian and artist famed for his bronze sculptures of vintage motorcycles. He grew up surrounded by the car culture of southern California in the 60s; today he’s based in the Hippodrome Studio in Utah, and he’s passionate about “anything mechanical that… Read more »

  • Interview: Wes Siler

    Interview: Wes Siler

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    Wes Siler is the 29-year-old editor of the New York-based website Hell For Leather. With the help of co-founder and photographer Grant Ray, Wes provides an edgy alternative to the formulaic bike reviews and conventional wisdom dished up by the mainstream motorcycle magazines. “It means… Read more »

  • Interview: Vincent Prat

    Interview: Vincent Prat

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    Vincent Prat is one of the leading lights of the classic motorcycle scene in France. He’s the driving force behind the highly recommended website Southsiders MC, and led the team that created the ultimate Triton, the CP Project #1—otherwise known as ‘the Chanel motorcycle’. Vincent… Read more »

  • Interview: Ian Barry

    Interview: Ian Barry

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    Ian Barry runs Falcon Motorcycles with his partner Amaryllis Knight. He’s the builder of the Bullet and the Kestrel, the first in a series of ten custom British motorcycles. At the moment he’s working on the Black Falcon, based on a Vincent Black Shadow. What… Read more »

  • Interview: Diego Sgorbati

    Interview: Diego Sgorbati

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    For the last three years, Diego Sgorbati has been sitting in one of the hottest seats in the motorcycling industry: he oversees the global marketing of Ducati motorcycles. For this 40-year-old northern Italian native, it’s the latest step in a career that’s included stints at… Read more »