Custom Triumph Bonneville

Custom Triumph Bonneville
This 2005 Triumph Bonneville has been subtly modified with matte black paint, lowered bars, a Thruxton seat, no front fender and a complete custom fabrication for the rear fender and lighting. The Canadian owner, adman Bruce Sinclair, has also designed custom pipes that change the performance and sound of the Bonneville quite dramatically: “The problem with the new stock Bonneville is that it doesn’t sound like it used to,” says Bruce. “The new bikes seem to have a lot more table manners than the old—which is ok for some, but not for me.” Bruce calls his pipes ‘Blunts’ because they’re recycled from the original Triumph stock mufflers. “I took the straight sections from both sides of each pipe and welded them together to create a 6” mini baffle on the end of the open headers. These Blunts give the perfect tone to a Bonneville and shave 14lbs of metal off the weight.” You can hear them here, and they sound very good to us. [More images on Bruce’s Flickr photoset.]

  • kc!

    Beautiful music to my ears!

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Loud pipes annoy lives.

  • Carson

    Classy bike.

  • tony starr

    love the sound and the subtle mods.

  • coho

    All it needs now is a tiny hidden ScottOiler.

    Not for the chain, just to drip a little on the ground at stops. For authenticity.

  • Adrian

    For me ,this doesn’t improve on the original .