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Ducati Diavel: Report on the 2010 Launch

Ducati Diavel
In 1964, Ducati dipped a toe into the large cruiser market with the mighty Apollo, a 1,256cc vee-four heavyweight designed to take on Harley-Davidson in the police market.

The Apollo never made it into production, but 46 years later, its spiritual successor has appeared.

Ducati Diavel
First, the stats: the power output of the Ducati Diavel is listed at 162hp, with 94lb/ft of torque. There’s a slipper clutch to prevent rear-wheel lockup. Suspension is fully adjustable front and rear. The front brakes are 4-piston Brembo Monoblocs, and ABS is standard. Instruments are split between a bar-mounted display and a tank unit. And unlike most cruisers, the Ducati Diavel won’t break the scales. At just 207kg (456lb), it’s 15kg heavier than a Multistrada 1200 S Touring. And a remarkable 27kg less than the diminutive Harley Sportster 883 SuperLow. [Full specs in this PDF.]

Ducati Diavel
At the back is that 8-inch wide rear tire, a subject of much speculation. So no, the Ducati Diavel won’t be as nimble as an 848 EVO. But Ducati will have worked hard to get the most out of the rubber, which is a state-of-the-art 240/45 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II hoop.

Ducati Diavel
There are two models: the stock bike, and a Carbon variant (shown here) that weighs 3kg less and sports a slightly upgraded specification, including Marchesini forged wheels.

The Diavel probably isn’t a make-or-break bike for Ducati. And warning shots have already been fired over its bows, with some Ducatisti believing that the Bologna brand should stick to the sportier end of the market. But the upside potential is enormous. The obvious parallel is the Porsche Cayenne SUV, another vehicle that stirred controversy during its gestation but went on to become a sales success.

Ducati Diavel
Then of course, there are the looks. As they say, the devil is in the details—so what do you think?

Ducati Diavel

  • Lance

    Ducati V-Max?

  • Nyet – never thought a new Ducati could leave me so cold. Handlebars and tank are too HD VRSC fo rmy liking. Too brash. Guzzi does a lot better job in this sector. Agree with Lance above, tres V-Maxy. Not an HD fan, but on looks alone, I’d probably go for a Buell before this (if they hadn’t hit the wall)

  • I may be showing my ignorance here, but what makes this bike a cruiser? Looks like just another sport bike to me. Or some combination of sport bike, motard or whatever. But cruiser?

  • @friar: Low seat, rear tire, higher pillion, engine size and tuning I guess. But you’re right, it isn’t a stock cruiser. If it appeals to regular cruiser buyers (i.e., H-D fans) it’ll shake up the market.

  • Greg

    I’m a die hard Ducati fan and this pains me to say it but wow that thing is hideous. Looks more like a Seadoo than a bike.

    • Bigmac906

      What drugs are these guys takin?,Maybe I shiuld take sum so I can see a Ducati in there sumwhere…..Get real guys.

  • I dont have the words to describe accurately just how awful I think this thing is.

  • BikeyPikey

    Looks like the bastard offspring of a mating between a V-Rod and a Monster!

  • Redman

    I hate to assume, but this bike is obviously designed for American riders. Is there any news on the cost yet?

    • Chaddjennings

      $26 000 AUS

  • NoH2Oh

    Soon to be seen at a coffee shop near you, ridden by the same guy that has a Porsche SUV…

  • Josh

    Branding aside, this thing looks to have an identity crisis. They’ve distinguished it from the classic cruiser look and from the classic Ducati look and ended up with neither. First impression is that it’s ugly, and on reading the comments I agree with the Seadoo comment.

  • WRXr

    I like it.

    It joins the ranks of “unconventional cruisers” like the BMW R1200C, the Valkyrie and yes, V-Max.

    One of the things people like to do with cruisers is customize, and with a wealth of choice Ducati bits already available, this should hit the mark

    456lbs is quite light for such a bike, another big plus.

  • Although not my cup of tea, if I had to ride a cruiser (never will though,) the Diavel just might be it! It looks nice! And the demographic that buys cruisers, all they care about is looks, so who knows, this thing may actually sell!?

    Still as a sport rider and someone who has always thought of and respected Ducati for its performance bikes and racing heritage, the Diavel is sad departure.

    And to @Redman: As an American rider, I can tell you, many US riders are utterly ashamed of what an “American motorcycle” has degenerated into! Harley makes us look like absolute fools on the world stage, yet still, Americans buy their dinosaur products!??? I really cannot understand it, but I digress…


    Looks like a Bimota Mantra. Wasn’t that a sales flop?

    • Rimlap

      Yes, but it was a different time and they didn’t have the marketing weight that Ducati is throwing behind this one.

  • Trabb

    I’ll wait for road test results but power to weight numbers are exciting for any cruiser and this bike isn’t easily classified. If handling is even a little Ducatiesque it would be fun to ride, and not just from roadhouse to roadhouse.

  • Bald Shaun

    This is the first new Ducati I can remember that does absolutely nothing for me. Still, I hope it sells well, and that the profits go into the racing effort and streetbikes I might actually care about. I really don’t agree with the cruiser comparisons either. From the spy shots, it seems to have a standard, sit up and beg riding position. No obvious bag mounts, no classic styling. Doesn’t really seem to “cruiser” to me. Standard? muscle bike, maybe? Not really cruiser. Eh, could work out, reminds me of the Porsche Cayenne. Another vehicle I didn’t care for, but which became a commercial success.

  • pj

    Factually you’d have been better off using the Nevada not the Apollo as an example of a previous ducati “cruiser” attempt.

    • mototopo

      Nevada is Guzzi, not Ducati!

  • what bikeypikey said,

    looks like a VRSC ate a Monster.

    In the same way most ducati’s are graceful, curvaceous italian supermodels, this bike would be ‘Snooki’ from jersey shore. Bulbous, obnoxious, and ugly.

    But then again, so is a Porsche Cayenne, and plenty of morons buy those. At least this thing is more likely to kill them, so thats a plus.

  • “But then again, so is a Porsche Cayenne, and plenty of morons buy those. At least this thing is more likely to kill them, so thats a plus.”

    Graham Motzing, you just made me laugh out loud, thanks dude:-)

  • mark

    Ducati should stay with what they do best. Getting into the cruiser market in this economy is just another way of creating failure. Oh yeh I see the harley buyer running to get one.

  • Ben

    When I look at the name of the bike, I can’t help but read “Drivel.” Looks like it could be the basis for a nice sport tourer, but as it is, there’s so much glop on it that it makes the red trellis frame look like a bolt-on accessory. I like Greg’s “Sea Doo” comment.

  • Rrse

    simply awful, Ducati has just slid way down in my books, very sad day

  • mjtrajano

    a cruiser on steroids might look like this, makes me wonder whats comming out next year.

  • johnly

    ohh.. i get this !! this is an iPad of motorcycle

  • Josh

    I read “Drivel”, too, and agreed about the red trellis. It has to be there, but this but somehow this is a stark contrast to the brutal functionality that red trellis (and Duc) has always represented in my mind.

  • Josh

    I usually write with great economy and precision, but this but somehow this is an exception.

  • Steve

    Halloween was yesterday!

  • AJGoods

    It’s a Dufatti

  • will

    I LIKE IT! Yeah, I said it.

    It is very reminiscent of the V-Max, but what I like is that it’s a ducati and a power cruiser. I’ve had an 05 gixxer 600, 02 sv650, 76 CB750, and ride my parents HD road king and other HD big slow thing. I don’t want to ride a sport bike all the time, and if i was doing some relaxed cruising I’d love to do it on this. I just hope they can figure out a pillion comfortable enough for a passenger on a long ride.

    HDs are big, heavy, slow, and if you need to swerve hard you practically need to throw the bike. (the smaller sportster based ones are anemic)

    this would offer a great alternative. I’m not old enough to ride a goldwing/bmw. (college senior) I would go to bike night on this thing. It offers power, comfort, and individuality in a package that I would buy. I wouldn’t pay the premium on a Ducati sportsbike (gixxer 600 cost v. Duck 748?) but if i was in the market for a cruiser, I imagine the price on this would work out to something similar to a decent HD, and….. it would be much better.
    my .02

  • If I am ever in the market for a cruiser type bike, I’ll certainly take a second look at this. I really like it (for what it is).

    I’ve read it’ll be around $15-16k.

  • grego

    looks much worse then his Italian counterpart MG Griso. though the engine…

  • Andy Hawkes

    Wow – that’s quite… ugly.

    I’m really not keen on the visual weighting and the way it seems to hunch in to the headstock… and that headlight cowling looks like an ill-considered after-market part!

    All things considered, I think my opinion on this one is “meh”…

  • Stan

    The more I look at it,the more I like it.I’m glad it doesn’t look like the others.I like the lines…different yet strong.Very unique,yet noticeably still a Ducati.I say…good job.In fact,if I had a job,I’d like to own one!

  • GB400TT

    If you’ve seen the other photos of it in action, you will agree that this is definately a cross over bike considering the stance when sitting on the bike. I don’t know about you guys, but I will welcome anything to get people OFF of Harley’s, or any other cruiser bike! Hats off to Ducati for pushing the envelope of something far superior to anything else on the market, especially when it comes to this bikes list of tech specs!

  • GB400TT

    If you’ve seen the other photos of it in action, you will agree that this is definitely a cross over bike considering the stance when sitting on the bike. I don’t know about you guys, but I will welcome anything to get people OFF of Harley’s, or any other cruiser bike! Hats off to Ducati for pushing the envelope of something far superior to anything else on the market, especially when it comes to this bikes list of tech specs!

  • Ben

    Oh, and what is the functional/legal explanation for that thing behind the rear tire? Been wondering since seeing it on BMW GS bikes.

  • mule

    Redesign the seat, destroy and replace the exhaust, strip all the crap off of it and it could perhaps look better. But I bet under all the plastic is still a huge bike. I always find it interesting when companies jump outside their comfort zone. You get to see how tasteless they can really be. Then you ask, “This is what they think looks good for a cruiser, then how do they come up with all their cool stuff they’ve made for years?”

    Add to all this the “Cruiser” market is mainly made up of the Harley mentality or close to it. Meaning low seats, floorboards, bags, windshields, tassles on the bar-ends, chrome goo-gas and and every fornm of tacky add ons. This bike would never apeal to those riders. So the question is…..who’s the potential buyer?

    However, If I was to ride a long distance, I think i’d rather try this one than a Goldwing.

  • David Enfield

    ” let’s build a big ugly bike , that makes no sense , and see who buys it ” ” nah nobody’ll buy it ” ” wanna bet ? “

  • KIK

    ducati took a racehorse and tied an anchor to it. nice looks but does it serve its purpose.

  • It¡s not so bad. It has some nice features like upsidedown forks, leds lights, good and sport look with belly pan and other addons, mono swing arm… Not a traditional cruiser. Cool, but wiil it success?

    I’m really sure about the main light and handlebar

  • 1050Mike

    I don’t understand the uproar about this bike! Life is about choices. Ducati will always offer the best sportbikes on the planet. Now they are offering what might be the best power cruiser on the planet. If you don’t like it…then don’t buy it! Almost every auto maker has a full spectrum of vehicles available. Does everyone like EVERY model from their favorite manufacturer? I’ve never met anyone who did and no, I don’t think that there is. Ducati owes nothing to the Ducatisiti who only buy Superbikes or Monsters or Multis…they already have you and history and heritage will never change! They are reaching out to riders not already in the fold. If this works for them, great! If it doesn’t, who cares! Ducati will alright for many many years to come, wheather the Ducatisiti like the Diavel or not. If you never try, you never succeed!

    • Lofty1

      Spot on!! Best response on here!!

    • Gypsyman

      I agree 100%. This is a great alternative to H-D’s V-Rod. I can’t wait to test ride it.

  • craigj

    I expect this to do just as well as the mid-80’s Ducati Indiana (note – Indiana not Nevada as previsously mentioned in comments), Ducati’s last feeble attempt at a cruiser … and something that should score about the same on the looks scale.

    On the other hand, buy one now. In 20 years the 4 they sell will be much sought after collectors items.

  • Griffin

    I’m a Ducati owner and while this is a huge departure from their normal fare, I fell that they’ve managed to keep the Ducati flair while pursuing another line of motorcycles. Based on looks alone, it is a bit awkward, but I can’t say yea or nea until I get a chance to test drive one…

  • JP

    I hate this bike. So ugly. It reminds me of the Bimota Mantra.

    Ducati is coming out with such awful bikes lately.

  • fastfun

    Maybe Diavel really translates to Snoop-Dogg? What happened to its face?

  • Ammerlander

    I don´t care how light it is, damn that thing looks fat.
    But I guess it´ll sell because it´s big and expensive and says Ducati on the sides.
    I think the Porsche Cayenne comparison is spot-on.

  • Martin Reuben

    Saddlebags Possible?

  • mule

    1050 mike, I disagree. Ducati owes absolutely everything to their loyal followers. Without them they’d still be building typewriters or toolboxes or vacuum cleaners. But a race oriented, lightweight performance bike is what their “following” wants. When that’s successful, and it’s a bad economy, they need to be very specific, and careful with little margin for error!

    I’m not a Ducatista by the way, but it’s the same with Harley and their dirtbike effort or the V-Rod trying to go modern. Not a good fit. But hell, if they’ve got money to burn and they think the market is fat enough.

  • Josh

    The Cayenne comparison is spot on, right up to the part about the commercial success. I don’t think you’ll see that kind of convergence. I mean, what will you wear while riding it? Sorry to the few Harley guys out there, but commercial success for something marketed as a “cruiser” depends on having a clear answer to the wardrobe question.

  • Tommaso

    I can’t beleive my eyes!! That’s not a Ducati…looks like the V-Rod and the V-Max had a retarted baby and his name is V-CRAP!!

  • 1050Mike

    mule…yes Ducati does owe their success to it’s loyal followers but their followers already own their bikes. So…how do you please a populous that has already been satisfied with a great all rounder, a hypermotard, and an outststanding line of superbikes and nakeds? Therefore, Ducati doesn’t owe anymore to the Ducatisiti because they are already being satisfied. It’s not like they are abandoning all forms of motorcycles except the power cruiser segment. They’re just adding another form of rider to an incredibly satisfied customer base.
    So I stand behind my comment because the Ducatisiti have nothing to complain about…they already have the best!

  • ChrisMcC

    “Ducati owes absolutely everything to their loyal followers.”

    Ducati owes no one anything. They are a business. and I am sure this isn’t going to make them loose your business if you ever save up for one.
    I think the Cayenne right on as well and I hope it does for Ducati what it did for Porsche. With out a profitable product like the Cayenne Porsche would be able to keep building its other awesome cars.

    Make what sells so you can have the money to build what you like…

  • Paul

    I’m confused…well except about hating it, that I’m sure of.

  • Tim Hanna

    You can see what they are trying to achieve in terms of expanding thier market. This would make a great stable mate for say a Triumph Rocket. To have that kind of presence the bike needs to exude massiveness and this does but… Put it alongside anything else from the current Ducati range and it looks grotesque. If you left it parked at the beach Greenpeace would probably roll it into the sea.
    If you bought one could you really say you rode a Ducati? Porsche SUV owners really shouldn’t claim to drive a Porsche without adding the qualification that they mean the big, fat, domestic tractor. Same with this. So wrong.

  • t-squared

    The Cayenne Theory debate is interesting, but it only works if the Diavel sells and if Ducati is willing to risk the clarity of their motorsport-driven image.

    Frankly, the Diavel reminds me most of a Harley Street Rod, and that bike was a flop in the US and abroad.

  • Wow, so many comment so quickly, certainly the Seadoo has made a splash! Will it translate into sales? Can’t really sea it – but who knows, someone somewhere may just love it – but I doubt it. I think like BMW’s 1200C it’ll be a small niche market bike at best, and at worst a complete sales disatser.
    When you have the Sports, Multistrada, Monster and the Hypermotard covered I guess it makes sense to try and cover that last little segment, but not sure it’ll be anything like the Cayanne, which outsells the 911 2 to 1.

  • Glenn

    As others have said how is this anything like a cruiser???? To me it’s basically ugly, over produced, under styled and very forgetable……I’m sure it goes like a bat out of hell, just like many other versions of it’s type out there.

  • Graeme Sutherland

    I’m in the like it camp.

    The size, power and gadgets put it into the same bracket as the BMW K1300R. That’s not a bad place to be.

    I do agree that it would look a lot better with less plastic on it, though.

  • MaSK

    Good on Ducati for pushing the envelope.
    Personally I do think there’s a market for this, particularly with those people who had a Ducati once upon a time but can’t fit on a sportsbike comfortably anymore. Not everyone likes the whole Uglystrada motard thing either so this offers choice.
    Having said all that I’m happy to see the company isn’t standing still and is willing to take design risks, however it’s not for me.

  • Gooch

    BikeyPikey has it right. If you’re going to do this, wipe the slate clean and think new and fresh. Too monster for cruiser, too VSRC for Duc. Try again, though, please. I have no doubt about its engineering, but have confidence in your ability to create fresh style, Ducati. This iteration does not do Italy’s legacy of fashion and expression any credit.


    “Have they lost their minds”? I wish Ducati could just continue doing what they do best. Race inspired bikes!!! This Buza-a-like oddity looks too Asian. Whatever happened to Italian styling? Take the lead Ducati, stop following!

  • Motorhaz

    Correct me if I’am wrong…is there a chance that it was desiged by Roland Sands?

  • I like Ducatis. But, if I am going to buy a Ducati, I want it to look like, a Ducati ` not a V Rod. If I want a V Rod, I will buy a V Rod.

    • Gypsyman

      This combines the styling of the V-Rod with the performance, reliability, and latest technology of Ducati. I think it’s a winner for cruiser riders, and who knows, maybe they’ll be long term Ducati riders.
      Welcome to the fold!

  • William

    Did they sweep up in Terblanche’s corner and throw all the castoff ideas on to this hideous creation?

  • Tinman

    This seems like a good idea to me., diversify the line up. How many Monsters can a guy own? When a rider is in the mood to cruise, he can take this big boy out instead of the Hypo Monster, there is room for both. We would cheer if HD brought out an American sport bike, Why not cheer an Italian cruiser??

  • PB

    oh l think it´s gonna be fun to see who´s a giant cock enough to show up on it!

    • boru4761


  • Lew

    I live in China. The super-rich Chinese are gonna love this bike. Of course they never ride over 2000 kms a year and have never lent over any bike more than 30 degrees.

    Personally I intensely dislike this whale, but if Ducati can make lots of money from rich chumps selling these, and can carry on making great bikes like their monsters and hypermotards even better, well great.

  • Derek Larsen

    I took a look at the second pic and all that came to mind was “F— you, I’m a Ducati” in Arial Black.

  • Mike

    Been waiting to see this bike…..not impressed

  • db

    Boring. Next!

  • it isn’t a cruiser. it’s a streetfighter.

  • 1050Mike

    This has been my point from above. Ducati already makes “race inspired bikes”. They aren’t trying to sell this thing to the Ducati faithful. I will agree there is definitely hints of the VROD in it. But doesn’t Harley take the VROD racing in NHRA drags? Anybody think about the Diavel handing the VROD it’s ass on the timed quarter mile? Sounds like racing to me!
    Ducati has not forsaken anybody. There a new Superbike coming in to replace the 1198 soon enough. The Monster has been revamped. The Multis are doing well and the Hypers are still tearing it up! You’re all still invited to the party. It’s just there might be some strange, new, possible odd and weird guests at the table with you now. Rock on Ducati!

  • Ray

    The Emperors New cruiser? Of course it’s not a cruiser! Looks like a standard to me. More importantly, thank god the Apollo never made it into production or none you Ducati elitests would have anything to piss and moan about today!

  • felix

    I actually thought i looked pretty interesting in the first pic, then i scrolled down and saw that headlight and died a little inside. What a monstrosity, it’s tasteless, vulgar and sadly fits perfectly with the grossly fat tail. I’m not opposed to a Ducati cruiser, but am sorely disappointed by this. What ever happened to that concept we saw here a while back?
    Thought not my kind of bike, at least it looked well proportioned and have appealed more to cruiser riders.

    Having said that i am still happy to see Ducati branching out into new markets. It’s dangerous to only make one type of vehicle, people end up expecting only that and reject anything else you bring out. HD are a good example, as are Guzzi, they are stuck in their history. Yet everyone accepts that the japanese big four have a bike for each market. Good for Ducati for not staying put in their comfort zone.

    Finally, i totally agree about the china comment. I live here too and have been watching the HD and BMW market grow rapidly over the last few years. Ducati were late to the party, but i think the Diavel will claw back some space for them: “If all my rich buddies already have HDs, how will i stand out at the Starbucks?”

  • Hey look! Ducati designed an Aztek!

  • evilgiles

    For me this bike could be similar to shagging a plus size model or, riding a moped… It could be a lot of fun, but you don’t want your mates to see you doing it…

  • Henrik hansen

    It is a streetfighter. Short tail and heavy front.
    And yes it is ugly, but the sound : )
    It reminds me of the moto guzzi centauro.
    I like it.

  • Dean Shannon

    More like a Suzuki B-King, just twice the price and less power.

    Why would you?

  • mack-o-matik

    … plastik is fantastik… macho 40+… beûrk!

  • KevT

    This bike is intriguing. Can’t decide if it’s ‘cool’ or ‘stool’. The overall effect is good – squat and muscular like a Hungarian weightlifter, but smooth and flowing with the ribs and heart of a superbike. What ruins it for me is the seriously hideous front end – bloody hell Ducati!

  • James

    I really find some of the negative opinions to be quite arrogant and self absorbed. Major kudos to Ducati for stepping out its shell and looking in a new direction. Companies in order to survive must always look forward.
    The bike is solid a striking and answers to a class of riders who love the brand Ducati and are tired of laying down on the tank all the time. Life is not always a curve at 45 degrees.
    As an owner of several bikes, I will be ordering my first Ducati right away.

  • Aaron

    This is cool in the same way that the B-King was – it was ugly as sin the first time you saw a picture of it, and for some inexplicable reason it just kept getting better looking when you saw them in the real world. I think this will be exactly the same, especially when people start getting creative with aftermarket or Ducati accessory bits.

    and pepole think Harley’s with open pipes sound good…

    Big time laugh/snort combo at the skidoo comment!!!

  • Can’t wait to see Wrench Monkees take to it.

  • el vencejo

    I go with Lance, its Ducati’s take on a V-Max.
    As for the comment “the Diavel won’t be as nimble as an 848 EVO” are you serious? That heavy 16incher at the back and the big fork angle with 19 inches up front make it anything but nimble!

  • el vencejo

    Perhaps the sporty is nimble compared to an FX lowrider, but so is an average truck!

  • Mike J

    Ducati just did a big poo in my eye..!

  • CaliDucRider

    To be a Diavel’s advocate, I dig this bike. I have owned 3 Ducatis, Currently a 2006 999s fully carbon fairings, fuel cell, modded and hot-rodded. I also own a Harley. I guess I could be the target market for this bike.I think there is a place for a light, powerful, bad-azz looking Ducati with comfortable ergos. The Streetfighter came close, but is still set up on the sportier side as far as ergos go. As for the Multistrada, I heard all the Porsche Cayenne comparisons when that was introduced, and to be fair it is more correct to compare a pseudo SUV to a Pseudo adventure bike. Plus it’s ugly, sorry.
    To me this bike looks tough and has the muscle to back up the looks, plus your back and wrists won’t kill after a long ride. Sign me up!

  • TP

    I work in a dealership that sells HD’s and Ducati’s I think its hilarious how people have the absolute confidence that they know what Ducati represents and what they should produce, we have the bevels are the only true dukes 888 was the last handbuilt duke 999 was the end of the world 1098 was boring like a jap bike monster should still have the 851 frame streetfighter won’t handle like a ducati should and now all this based on some photos wait till you see them in the flesh and most importantly ride one, have people forgotten that one of the main draws to me with Ducati is how they ride- I have just sold my 1098 and have the choice of models to ride at the minute its the streetfighter and I remember very similiar comments on that bike

  • brij

    people please buy it and wreck it, so that i can either buy the parts of the bike second hand off eBay or probably buy a used one from some ‘wannabe rider” several years down the line for cheap!! then i can convert the bike to what it should really look like!! LOL!!! It is a win-win situation (for Ducati and me, off course!)

  • Funky B

    Probably, ducati develop cyber bike/scooter may better than this.
    Diavel really not my cup of tea…

  • Jeff

    OMG…! I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!! Finally a bike that will do it all. (sport, cruise, tour, commute…look good) Ducati is bravely filling a whole that NEEDS to be filled. A kickass STANDARD motorcycle. Who better to Dominate this sector than Ducati. I feel I’m about to become the “diavel” evangilist. Will get this bike ASAP!!

  • tp

    BTW Suzuki’s catchphrase in Australia is own the racetrack but can’t remember reading anyone saying stop producing m109r’s and only put out gixxers, surely ducati is allowed to experiment a bit as they don’t have any other wings other than large capacity roadbikes no scooters no dirtbikes no boats (although I have to admit the seadoo thing is really funny) no cars there are only a few manufacturers around like that i’m thinking triumph mv agusta harley i’m sure there are others but the point is ducati will dissapear if they only sell 1198r’s as awesome as those things are

  • Naming it “diavel’ =”Daivolo” is probably an inside joke over there at Ducati..
    the designers know that it’s as ugly as sin. At least by Ducati standards..

    It looks to me like a more refined V-Max…or a less “H.R. Giger”sci-fi V-Rod.
    This is a good thing, but I’m not sure why they don’t just build a big “HyperMonster” streetfighter cum flattracker thingy. Maybe i’m just mired in
    motorcycling’s past and not looking to it’s future (like J. Decker?) :-)

    It will be interesting to see how it sells,where it sells and to whom it sells.

  • Dougmoore3

    I think a lot of people are missing a key point here. Well first off, I’m in the like category. I’ve owned two Duc’s now and will be a faithful Ducati rider for as long as they make my favorite bikes (ride, handling, power delivery, style, and prestige). But the key point no one has mentioned is showing it to non-Ducatisti. I showed it to a rockabilly friend of mine. He’s mid-twenties, into American style, still young and athletic, but not interested in sport bikes. He said, “I sat on a friend’s 1098 and it was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever sat on. That bike (the new Diavel) looks pretty comfortable. I think I like it.”. Oh, and don’t BS the rest of us, if you ride a Duc there is a part of you that enjoys the looks other riders give you simply for the fact that it’s a Duc. We don’t ride them cause they blend in with the crowd.

  • mack-o-matik

    @addam leddin: makes me thinking of a donation to wm… why don’t we? GO MONKEES GOOO!!!

  • mack-o-matik

    …hey, wanna get the idea of THAT plasticthing in the streets? look… what a funny motorcycle that has music coming out its pipes…

  • Mark

    I’m with you Dougmoore3! Ducati is a business and like all (not for profit’s aside) business it’s about growth year over year. They’ve got thier loyal customer base with sport bikes and are simply expanding the line to try and capture a slice of the “power cruiser” market. Think of it this way, if it works and money pours into the company they will have more funds for R&D and produce even better bikes accross the board. If not they’ll cut thier lossess and focus on retaining thier core customer base with exceptional products. Sport bike lovers can’t lose!

  • Ada

    No No No,

    Deary me what where they thinking? I am not feeling that bad boy at all.

  • Mule

    Correction/clarification. I f someone likes this bike and they end up on the market and sell, that’s great. More bikes on the road ot more Ducatis to me meanspeople are bouncing back from the bad ecomomy.

    Clarification. “Ducati owes absolutely everything to it’s loyal followers.” I say this because, and this is just my opinion, it seems that Ducati buyers are near the top of the foodchain. They buy new bikes (Ducatis) probably a bit more frequently than the unwashed masses (like me). SO, that being the case, they want zoomy, stylish, kickass, top of the heap, very exclusive units on the showrrom floor. How does a Ducati owner upgrade or personalize his/her bike? With carbon and Ti and exotic billet in beautiful anodized colors and a carbon/paltinum credit card no doubt.

    So, coming out with a huge “Diversified” lump to appeal to a “Broad market” seems odd to me with their history. Like BMW 450cc dirtbikes. That’s a little different, but I bet they haven’t sold 6 in the country since introduced. On the other hand, the BMW Superbike is off the charts performance wise! Not sure HOW it’s selling due to price, but WOW! Who woulda thought. Maybe I’m wrong? Wouldn’t be the first time today, that’s for sure.

  • clip-ons and a revised fairing = potential winner?
    i don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

  • Shaun

    I can’t say that I like it, although I hope it sells well. The comparison to Porsche is spot on. If they sell heaps of these they can develop more bikes like the Desmocedici.
    Porsche sell Cayennes so that they can afford to develop cars like the mental GT2 RS and Carrera GT.
    I’m all for more choice in the market place and it might fire a rocket over HD’s bow and inspire some modern thinking.

  • WANT!!!!

    this is the direct translation of a muscle car to bike. love it.

  • Son

    people who are dismissing this bike are missing the point! This cruiser is going to set new standards in the cruiser market!! It has a 41 degree lean angle, weighs 456lbs with 162hp!! It is equivalent to a vrod with 220hp!! I love Ducati sportbikes and standards but there are times when I just want to chill and cruise, i rode Harleys, Moto Guzzi’s…but you know, I always wondered about riding a Ducati cruiser type bike and now it’s actually becoming a reality!! Furthermore, my Grandfather, father and people with back problems who have always wanted to ride a ducati are finally going to get their chance!! It’s a great idea and think about the revenue this model can produce…it means more $$$ for Ducati and more $$$ means more $$$ for racing!! Hopefully, it is a hit and Ducati can get back to WSBK damning the costs….support Ducati if you truly are Ducatisti. Don’t be a snob. Who said that Ducati drifted away from performance? This is going to be standard of performance in the cruiser category. Ducati has won in AMA, BSB, WSBK, Moto GP, Pikes Peak, flat track and now they are poised to one day win in NHRA superstock!!! Just wait and see….Vrod has won that..this will eat the Vrod for dinner..

  • Mike

    Looks like a combo of a V-Rod and a V-Max….but really want to know how it performs?

  • Mishap

    Some of you guys are making it sound like Ducati never made a comfortable bike with good ergos for cruising before. I own a GT1000…it’s never been called a cruiser, but it’s one of the most comfortable bikes I’ve ever ridden. As for the Diavel, I agree with the comparison to the B-King. The reason I’ve always been fascinated by the B-King is that everyone else hates it. It’s an in-your-face beast whose only purpose is to squish as much power as possible into a street bike. Practical? No…but different and (obviously) polarizing when it comes to opinions. Definitely wanna see it in person and ride it. Would Batman ride this bike?

  • Mule

    @mishap, The B-king could be the fastest bike on earth. Why couldn’t it also look really good at the same time? Sorta like the new crop of european women’s tennis players! They don’t look like like Billy Jean King anymore.

  • Sam

    I ride an old monster..
    If I had the money, between the new monsters, streetfighters and diavels.
    I’ll pick the Diavel any day of the year.. the carbon one please..

  • Nes

    Considering the number of comments (bad or good) this thing is a hit!
    It won’t let you indifferent. I always liked the Vmax look, but my first choice was the Monster. This 240 tire is awesome. The Diavel will be a great addition to my Monster when I can get a used one way under 10k (5 years from now?).

  • Turgut

    Now I wish Yamaha starts making bikes that look like Ducatis..

  • George M

    I like much of what Ducati does and has done, but just once could Ducati or any other company for that matter avoid the temptation to prostitute themselves to the wants of fickle buyers better suited to another marque? I’m bothered on two fronts: 1, that there may be enough interest to warrant such a bike. 2, that this is enough of a reason to build something like this.
    A very similar argument to Porsche deciding to build the Cayenne. Yup, it’s better at being what it is than what was previously available but i’m not alone it wishing they had never felt like they had to make it. There is a difference between moving forward and turning your back on your past.

    • Ale Graziano

      @ Ducati THEY would be turning their back on their past if they quit making the motorcycles you like. BUT THEY AREN’T!!! THEY STILL MAKE AWESOME PRODUCTS THAT YOU LOVE!!! can’t you accept any new siblings in the family. C’mon, relax, with more people parties are more fun. WELOCOME DIAVEL LOVERS!

  • They Quit making STs and Supersports so they can build ugly Cruisers.. oh yes Sport classics gone too and off from WSBK…. what’s next a Big Scooter?

    Will be more exiting to see an Aircooler SS 1200cc… design ideas from the early 90s SuperSport series….

    well im dreaming…

  • It’s a devil of a v max with a lot of monster thrown in. Get rid of the front fairing and its not so bad. The v-max was a powerful beast that could not turn and this being a ducati , i think it will do a little better. It’s not for everyone but as long as it makes money for them , it’s all good.

  • Yes indeed, looks like the Bimota Mantra, but the design of the “old Bimota” was much more consistent –

    The pictures of the new Diavel seems to me like someone has requested late friday afternoon the DUCATI design departement to put together a new “Cruiser” til monday morning – based on existing or till then not used spare parts, isn´t it ?

    Oh DUCATI, You build so much nice and wonderful bikes in Your history and also today, so I hope all Your fans will forgive You this slight mistake.

  • George M

    So i guess if Ferrari could make money building an SUV then they should. Thankfully they are not so short-sighted and understand that it would diminish the brand even if it did have a short term bump in sales. I know this is a mindset that only the somewhat boutique manufactureres can afford but wouldn’t most people put Ducati in that group? Like Astroman suggested, it’s a waste of time to ponder it i guess. The ST, SS and Sport Classic lines are gone for the sake of some non-sense bike. I mean that objectively, what is the point of a bike like this? No more comfort than a Monster, just heavier and poorer handling. No more power than the new Multisrada, just less comfort and probably poorer handling. It s a no win- I’ll be disappoainted if it sells and it will be bad for a great brand if it doesn’t. Either way, they will never be able to deny they lost their way and made it- like the Indiana. I fear a “chrome” version will follow the Carbon Fiber one.

  • Man I know my next bike now..Shit that is innovative. I love how small the front wheel is compared to the back one.

  • Clarke Johnston

    Don’t underestimate the market for a “cruiser” that hauls ass. With the exception of the Suzuki M109R and the Harley Davidson V-Rod, all the other cruisers on the market are anemic. The M109R is heavy, and has a particularly plastic feel to it. The limited edition in blue was the only decent looking one. The V-Rod now only comes with forward pegs, neutering it’s sporty possibilities. Here, Ducati has a lightweight and powerful bike. Yes, the styling is controversial. An 1198 it isn’t. But, like the the Can-Am Spyder, bending the rules sometimes yields a machine unique to itself; creating it’s own market share.

    Now, how much for this bike in flat black with some nice loud Termignoni or Akrapovic pipes? Forget all the carbon fiber stuff, just go with black.

  • jason

    This bike is amazing- all the people here obsessing about wardrobe and demographics- and where the bike ‘fits in’- are just pitiful.

  • tp

    see we getting calls for bikes of old do really think that ducati dropped the sport classics supersports and st’s to build the diavel
    sport classics nice looking bikes good fun to ride but were they really true to the image ducati has that some of you hold so true deleberatly low tech
    sport tourers were eclipsed in sales by first multi absolutly obliterated by the new one
    supersport simply ran out of development and direction sportsbike with under 100 hp really doesn’t have a place in the modern world
    I can tell you in our dealership we have had 5 deposits for the new diavel wihout any iindication on price at all
    I think Ducati are going to have a hit with this bike and again the guys that talk about it cheapening the brand can sit back and bitch and moan whilst the new ducati owners get out and ride with that huge grin that ducati ownership brings

  • badams

    Not one of these know -it- all sunday riders has rode this bike. Every post is conjecture from the same guys who ride fixies. If it gets performance write ups from credible sources naysayers will take a less jaded look.

  • Dean Shannon

    This bike is extreme, in styling but not in a performance. It’s a cruiser for the poseur market, but the Harley faithful will never buy it. Look for it parked outside your local hair dresser’s shop.

    A sideshow act by Ducati it will get its 15 minutes of fame and then become an obscure footnote in that famous marques history.

  • deme

    I think the readers of bike exif would find the Ducati scrambler by JvB moto more appealing than the factory Diavel.

    MCN ride:

  • Tommy Gun

    Hi guys,
    Wake up! Yes, this bike is not the typical Ducati cruiser and yes it is not the typical Italian designed hairdresser’s dream bike but is has one thing – attitude! It is ugly, big, unbalanced – yes. It is like a bulldog ugly and big but very charming machine that I will have any time this summer :)
    It is not the way it looks… I think it is the market positioning of this model that makes it unlikable for most riders. Cruiser – definitely not! Ugly and awful – definitely not!
    I think it is worth the try – if I don’t like it, there will always be some dumb ass guy with a Cayenne to buy it from me ;)

  • hoghunter

    This bike appeals to us knuckle draggin v twin riders… the horsepower alone tops the class… you ducati die hards have to understand there is a entire group of us out there that dont want to lay down on our bikes and develop carpel tunnel… Go Ducati I put a deposit on the first one at my dealership!

  • henrik

    @deme: the JvBMoto looks like a moped. People my size 6″4 would prefer a Diavel.

  • B.

    Sportsbike sales falling off. Average rider age getting higher. Cruser market worth millions. The question would be why not if this didn’t exist. Yes Ducati’s DNA is in the racebikes but it’s cashpot is in the monsters and the like. I have no desire for a cruiser but that looks fun. No one is going to buy it instead of a trad cruiser, it’s not the point. I agree the headlight is plain wrong but overall I like it. Ducati need to move with the market, you don’t.

  • RL

    I don’t see a cruiser at all, but I do see a bike I’d love to own for a while. Diversity and choice are usually wonderful things and I’m glad to see Ducati offer another option. Many naysayers scoffed at the Multistrada too – but if I had the money and the time to enjoy them they’d both find their way into my garage.

  • Jimmy

    I like it, a lot. That being said my current bike is a VRod. This will slice the turns a lot better than what I have now. Much quicker too. This bike makes sense for me.

  • JP

    Looks like Ducati has succeeded in generating the buzz they wanted, lots of comments, good and bad. Its a stretch for them but that’s what will keep them in business, I like the out of box approach. I have a 999 which was also universally reviled by the hardcore Duc crowd but I really like it. Unfortunately, pretty worthless on anything but the track and a short stint around town. Streetfighter is better but still hard to stay on for several hours of riding unless you’re under 40. Diavel approach is unconventional but pretty cool, looks like it will cruise all day in comfort but still perform. Not a clunky HD or Victory. Pricing is a problem but this seems to be the way Ducati has chosen (e.g. the Multistrada). Accessories will be key, need to offer bags, even if they’re smaller. I want to see one in the flesh. Like another commenter said, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Keep it up Ducati but work on that price.

  • G

    its amazing.. i thing all negative opinions are coming from little village people who can not see the art combine with a kick ass power..
    this is a bike for real men not sisis..

  • JFH

    I can’t believe all the haters out there. Not everyone can or desires to ride a crotch rocket. Should that prevent them from enjoying the mechanical and performance advantages that Ducati brings to the market? If the product is no good, it will fail. In the interim, I am first on the list at my local dealer to receive a Carbon Diavel. I previously owned a Confederate America GT which offered a similar power to weight ratio, suspension, and braking as the Diavel (minus the electronic enhancements). It was an absolute blast to ride and I look forward to the sophistication and reliability that Ducati will add to that equation.

  • speedtrip79

    I love it. I was a little surprised to read all the negative feedback above. Everyone is a critic… I do see a little Vrod in it, but I think this bike looks down right mean. I currently own an 09 Speed Triple and I absolutely love that bike. I wouldn’t have even given a thought of trading for anything else until now. It’s a home run in my opinion.

  • Totally Bad Ass!!!!!!

  • Clarke Johnston

    I think the headlight is a bit too Buck Rogers, as is all the shroud/intake business going on around the top of the motor, seems just a bit “busy”. But those are small nit-picks. It’s about time that superior power, handling, and brakes came to the cruiser world. As I said before, the Suzuki M109R is fast, but it’s way heavy, and has a plasticky feel to it, cheap around the edges. The V-Rod is fast, but they’ve done away with the mid-mount pegs and shifter, and now only have forward-mount. Everything else on the market, save the uber-expensive V-Max, is slow. Look the the Honda Fury. What Fury? What motor? The thing is a joke in the engine department. All of the Kawasaki Vulcan’s are slow. Ditto for pretty much everything else out there. Hopefully Star/Yamaha will reconsider and bring their MT-01 into the states. Ducati is raising the bar in the standard/cruiser department. Now, if they can whup some bodacious bright yellow paint on this bike, anodize the rims bright gold……

  • C

    I sat on the new Diavel at the International Motorcycle Show in Dallas this past weekend. As a previous Vmax owner I love the whole idea of an upright riding position but with sportbike power. The Diavel fit like a comfy glove. Low seat – my feet were flat on the ground (I’m 5’8″). Easy reach to the bars. I love this new bike. I’m not sure I’d call it a cruiser. Mabye a naked standard is closer. But with 162 ponies it got my attention. The non carbon fiber model is around $17k. The carbon fiber is closer to $20k. Not available until March 2011.

    • Pepbar

      I am getting back into the motorcycle scene but I kept my longtime bikes covered and garaged, (zx600c and zx11) I am deciding between the VFR1200f or the Diavel. Funny the VFR also has its naysayers but this time it is among the VFR elitest and posts are exactly like the posts by the Ducati elitest here.

      I like the bike, it looks more like a do it all comfortable standard but with a lot of style, power and handling. I hope the waiting list is not long. I hope the prices are not jacked up. I hope not to be snobbed by elitest Ducatisti or by any other motorcyclist because of my choice

  • KJ

    I need it. I need it now. I’ve been riding my buddy’s new Multistrada and it kicks butt. I’m a standard guy. I ride a cb750 (bow to the classic), a 1250 Bandit and a C14 Kawalski (sic … Polish sports tourer) Concours. I’m just too old to be cool and ride a sports bike. A 450 pound 160hp standard that looks like a bull. I’m in! (and I’ll look cool for a change)

  • Where is the line to purchase, first look and it not that great back step back and saviour the taste and it grows one you hmmmmm

  • bob

    it’s the bastard between v-road and monster.
    the missing ring of the chain.
    the one I was looking for.

    I takes balls to do something unusual. this is unusual.
    I love it

  • Dean Shannon

    Bob Said: ” I takes balls to do something unusual. this is unusual. ”

    I agree Bob. All this bike needs is a set of Truck Nutz and the style brief will be complete. Have to be Carbon nutz on a Ducati, of course!


  • J Anthony Carter

    The looks you ask? Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy!! :-D

  • LL

    Most of the negative commenters will have brown spots in their pants after riding this “devil”

  • Victor

    I guess Ducati tried to nibble the market share of Yamaha VMax and Suzuki B-King with this thing. Well, I’m a big fan of Ducati design, but this bike has to much curvy plastic parts around edgy Ducati frame. Looks like now they use this frame more like a marketing tool more than something which makes sense from engineering point of view. The thing is weird, but if it generate money to continue Ducati Sportbike, Monster and Streetfighter lines – it’s OK)))))

  • Jessie

    I have a 1098S and a yamaha r6 with an undyling love for sportbikes. I personally think the new duc looks very attractive not as beautiful as a 1198/1098 but still very attractive i would consider owning one also. I am 28 years old and honestly think this ducati will be a success for them even though most comments are negative.

  • Old Baldy

    I’m a long time Ducatista and I think it’s pretty cool. It will not appeal to us Ducati sport bike riders. Just as a Monster does not (and that has been Ducati’s cash cow for years).

    If it sells well, as I suspect it might once the world economy comes back, and it provides Ducati with a follow-on cash cow to fill their coffers for money to complete their Superquadrata, then I’m ALL for it!

    Hell, I may even ride when one day when I get old(er).


  • Where is the (beef) chrome?

  • Bill Buchanan

    I saw this when they took the wraps off it at the Dallas Motorcycle Show. It looks WAY different in person than in the pictures. The pictures are “meh”.

    In the flesh it has a much more visceral feel. I agree it will not appeal to a broad cross section but don’t judge it too harshly by the images. The camera does not love this bike.

    I spent some time talking with a Ducati Sales/Marketing person and he intimated that the average age of the Ducati buyer is getting older and that their research tells them that as the market ages they tend to want something that has less of a race bike ergonomics.

    To be honest it appealed to me in much the same way the Moto Guzzi Griso did when I first saw it four or five years ago in person. The pictures back then were intriguing but I didn’t decide that I had to own one until I saw it in the flesh.

    I hope that Ducati is wildly successful with this as they broaden their offerings while still keeping their unique heritage and spot in the market place in mind.

  • I ride a Yamaha Stratoliner and my 1854cc bike has the power and torque (96 rwhp and 120 rwtq) and even handles well for an 800 lb. bike. I just wish it wasn’t so heavy. I also used to ride a Monster S2R 800 prior to the Strat and loved that bike for carving the canyons. Now I prefer the low, situp ergos and just cruise. After seeing first pics of the Diavel, I loved it!!! Wish it looked more like the prototype though. With cruisers selling 10 to 1 versus sport bikes, Ducati would be a fool not to get some of that market. Besides the VRod and Vmax, this Diavel also reminds me of those stretched out Hayabusas. Wicked! I gotta have me one of these!

  • bwm

    It’s awsome! I like the carbon version most. I’d definitely buy it. That’s what I was looking for ;).

  • Mike Cecchini

    Sorry Ducati……. mixing a V-Rod and V-Max is sad to see. I’ll keep my original Monster and it’s ability to do it all. Track days and sport touring duties with ease….. not to mention it’s incredible simplicity.

    So sad to see Ducati jumping on the same bandwagon as all the other failures. So sad.

  • YannisB

    God [email protected]#& the more you guys hate it the more i like it….she is a beast!

  • YannisB

    “its amazing.. i thing all negative opinions are coming from little village people who can not see the art combine with a kick ass power..
    this is a bike for real men not sisis..” YEAH!!!…hahahaha

  • TheKHAI

    You can call this UberMonster. The muscle, the power, the look. Combine it with a bulky yet muscular body thats not too high. Damn awesome..

  • Mike cecchini

    We’ll see about all this bs hoopla when it hits the showrooms and how many are sold……. and to what type. Posers and wannabee’s.

    Ducks are high end sports cars……. no SUV’s please.

  • Bill Buchanan

    Yeah, Porsche and BMW have been a real disappointment with their SUV’s :)

    There is wisdom in an upmarket product recognizing that their customer base is growing older and might want something that is different. Tastes do change as one gets older.

    Not to mention offering a product that might even expand their customer base.

    Again, as I mentioned before, this is not a bike that the camera loves. It looks remarkably different in person . . . and a lot better looking to my eye. Ergonomically, it fit my needs very well. Emotionally, it fit my inner hooligan :)

  • Dave

    The bike is brilliant. To the self-proclaimed “Ducatista”, give it a chance. I know that anything new scares most of us, and there are many Ducati snobs that don’t like it because they don’t want the average Joe, or (shudder) a HD fan to buy one. They feel it will dilute the brand and if Ducati’s become more common, they won’t be as special.

    I think it looks like an amazing bike. It will rip a 600cc supersport on the straights, run circles around the VMax or any cruiser in the twisties, and it will look and sound Italian and be comfortable while doing it. What’s not to like? I have had 2 Monsters, a Hypermotard, a 999s, an 848, a Streetfighter, and I think this would make a fine addition to their product line.

    It should not be seen so much as change, so much as expansion. All the race bikes that we love will continue to be made, this Diavel changes nothing in that regard. In fact, if it is a sales hit, it would provide additional revenue to help develop the sport bikes that we crave. I don’t see this as a bad thing, but then again, I may be more open-minded than many of the Ducati fans I have met. :-)

  • Alicia

    I am also in the “like it” camp. This bike is innovative and intriguing…I’m sure it’s a solid performer, too :). Props to Ducati for thinking outside of the box. As much as people are fussing about Diavel’s looks, my prediction is it will grow on you. This bike will be a trendsetter.

  • el vencejo

    In about 5 years I may buy a used one:…
    and remove most of the plastics, add a decent aftermarket exhaust and a regular 5.5″ Duc back wheel :)

  • Roadburner63

    Not something I’d buy right now, and it does look awfully fugly to me, especially the headlight cowl. But I think there is some validity to seeing it in person. I thought the 999 was ugly in the pictures also, but when I saw it in person I warmed up to it. I’ve also noticed that when exposed to something new and weird for a while, the weirdness can wear off to some degree. I think it deserves a chance since all the other options in the Ducati line are still there. Let’s see what happens! It still looks far better than the V-Rod or V-Max.

  • FrankG

    I can’t wait to see (and test ride) one of these at my local dealer. I currently own an 1198S and a BMW K1200S. The 1198 is very fast but not too comfortable, The BMW is reasonably fast and fairly comfortable. This might be a potential replacement for the BMW, It has better power to weight, and is lighter. If it is more comfortable and performs better than the BMW, there could be two Ducati’s im my garage.

  • neiljoseph

    My oh My….just look at it…..just outta this world….Ducati at its best…..nota slagger like the V rod muscle or the vmax………….its gonna kill u……….all rippling muscle………bring it on………..

  • peteofinhaca

    Absolutely a V-Max refined and redressed in Italy’s best. It’s a hairdresser’s bike- it’s a mannequin bike which will be strategically parked to direct attention to the owner or the owners business. For lack of a better description, let’s call it a static display.
    Cruisers are bikes that will take 1 but preferably 2 people in considerably comfort over long distances with panniers able to be affixed at will.
    This is by no means a cruiser. It’s an urban streetfighter. I will take the Triumph Rocket 3 over this or the V rod anyday. BUT if I was the sort of bloke having a mid life crisis and the cruiser market didn’t quite appeal to me I would select this as a pimped up pedigree over the VMax. The Vmax has street cred but it lacks the “Status” label which Ducati will now confer.
    Mid life Crisis man has a new toy. It’s the Metrosexual Bike. You will only ever see them on weekend breakfast runs (if you should be so lucky) and the rest of the time they will be static displayed as Phallic monuments to the mid life Metrosexual.

  • bonnie giles

    sick, sad and wrong. wtf is ducati doing? i’m down to one duc and won’t be buying more if this is the direction they consider ‘forward thinking’.

    ducati bonnie
    custer, wa

  • Alvaro Barroso

    I think is going to be a very important bike for Ducati (think Cayane for Porsche), but its also a failed change to make the sexiest bike of the decade, due to the horrid front!! Mind you, they were on the right direction, there’s some images of the prototype, and it looked much better:

  • Meh….

    I did plea for the calendar from my relatives, though.

  • Redman

    I think a lot of people are forgetting one of the most fun aspects of motocycling here – aftermarket upgrades! IF you like the bike overall, but there is some aspect of the bike you don’t. Just change it to the way you do like it. I’m sure there are hundreds of companies out there right now designing what they consider to be design flaws and will happily sell you a new headlight, exhaust, or whatever.

  • el vencejo

    Many people think that Ducati are all Sportsbikes, fact is that until they came out with a Euro-cruiser/soft streetfighter, the first Monster, they were going down the pan. Its the non-sportsbikes that have been the bread and butter for Ducati for a long while.
    @ peteofinhaca… where do you live? Check out the various non-USA V-max (etc) sites, there are not very many just used for pure “park and pose”. In EuroLand its usually HD’s that are owned by hairdressers, weekend bikers etc…

  • Patindallas

    What i hear is alot of ‘purists” trying to define what a motorcycle buyer “should” buy, even more important is the idea that Ducati owes anyone anything. Most Ducati buyers are exactly what one of th e posters above expressed, they want to be exclusive. If they wanted a japanese bike or a harley they would have bought one. Many probably do, but in the realm of the same people who knocked porsche or any of the others. This bikes fills a “niche” that people who buy those bikes, are looking for. Ducati now offers a complete realm of bikes for the age ranges, from the light monsters to superbikes. The people who can drop 15-18K on a bike to tool around on wont be riding the top sport bike, and most likely want something a bit more comfortable than the streetfighter and something more definative than the Monster. more importantly, they want something that defines them differently than everyone else. I think the bike lookss fantastic for exactly the market segment its approaching. its all in name recognition. I agree with the above posting, people associated Duacti these days with superbikes from the great 916. But its majority sales come from the “other” market. What i see in this bike may not be unique to Ducati actually, but pieces that are the reason people have purchased other bikes, like the Vmax, HD VRSC, and others, the headlight, exhaust profile for example. Ultimately if your basing everything on a “look” and not the quality of the product produced then you do any product an injustice. If the same engineering is in this bike as all other Ducati’s, then as an owner or follower, for me, its another Ducati that makes itself special just like every other Ducati in other markets. Its always the same reason you bought an 1198 and not a Suzuki or a Monster instead of something else, its because you can.

    • AsphaltRider

      Well said.

    • AsphaltRider

      Well said.

  • M. Conti

    Ducati nearly went under FOREVER building brilliant sports bikes – that ugly P.O.S, waste of space, Monster saved them. Now they are building brilliant bikes again and it looks to me like they’ve added a bike like the monster – it might just keep them going on to better things. I own a 907IE a 916s and I am now going to buy a Diavel. And guess what – I don’t give a F**k what anyone else thinks.

    • AsphaltRider

      Me too… I like it.

  • Ivar

    Wow this design just expands the definintion of vulgarity. Well done.

  • AsphaltRider

    As a present 08 Hayabusa rider, previous Yamaha and HD rider, I’d like it have it in my stable for long rides. It may not be the prettiest thing, but I don’t think it was going for “pretty.”

  • Foxgirl

    My fiancé and I love this thing… I have a monster and he had SF-S.

  • Randy Warren

    Cool! looks like a street tracker to me. Other than the huge rear tire, I dont see this as a cruiser. Ducati is a “for profit company” and you cant sell the same thing forever, or can you?

  • Spooner

    What a abortion of a motorcycle ??????????????
    Ive had Ducatis for 30 years and I find it repulsive and disgusting , and a insult to proper Ducati Enthusiasts everywhere. Trying to tap into the homo BMW / Cruiser Market , and alienate all those that actually bought the things over the years , regularly , even though small in numbers , as most enthusiasts keep them long term , not like a fashion accessory , F me .
    Turd on Wheels
    Real Sad Day :(

  • Davidabl2

    It would be great if it were the new VMAX or VROD. From Ducati it looks like they’re trying to design for a market they don’t really understand.

  • Guiseppe Veranda

    It looks like an ITALIAN take on a V-Max and I love it. I had an 85 V-Max for a while and loved everything but that go into a corner front fork woller all over the place feel. The New V-Max has supposedly fixed that but did they have to make an already big bike like another third bigger. The B-King is so wide in front when you sit on it you think you’re on a Quad Runner, I did see one recently in black and silver with a batman logo on it and it was almost, nah, but what a motor just get the Busa with slight bar risers preferably a 99 or 2000 you’d love it believe me I had one till stolen in CT. But the right size V-Max with even more power that handles yes I could dig it. After some medical hardships all I have now is a 94 900 Monster that has made me a Ducati fan. I am faster on this bike due to the handling than either the busa or 03 gixxer 1000 I owned previously except in a straight drag ofcourse. The Monster sounds incredible is comfortable especially in town and gets more thumbs up on looks than all the other bikes I’ve had. They weren’t the ugly ass graphics everywhere multicolor versions either, strictly single or subtle two tone varieties. This new Ducati might easily fit into that unique look zone backed up by the performance which yea will make a certain group of wannabe toughs who need to back away from the table and quit dressing up for halloween every time they ride. I mean if you’ve lost your hair shave it and enjoy the ease of care with pride don’t wear those stupid ass handkerchief come overs along with your fantasy that somehow your fat ass and beer belly now translate into toughness as you ride on your always was slow over priced heavy hog. It’s nickname is a pig for gods sakes. I’ll take that smoke you, pass you on the inside of an on-ramp(we know its the only place you go around curves) babe-a-licious attracter Ducati. I’m betting it looks better in person, if not that could break the deal maybe. But at least it will say so long to the fatties if you know what I mean!

  • Mattbennett33

    This is the future of Motorcycling, if your like me and late 30’s then the Sportsbike is becoming a bit of a pain – well I will keep the sports bike and buy a cruiser. I don’t wan’t a harley – all my mates have Harley’s and if they are stick softtail then they will not corner and they run like a tractor.

    What I want is some genius to come up with a Hybrid – the comfort of a cruiser with a handling ability, style, a proven powerplant and something that’s unique.

    I have been waiting for the Ducati Divial, I will still keep the Superbike for track days, but on the road where there are police and speed limits I want something unique. Thankyou Ducati – I’m 40 this year and this is my Birthday present.

  • Mark

    I cant believe all this crap that has been written. I have just ordered my carbon diavel with full race termis site unseen and it arrives in March. Cant bloody wait!!!!!

    • Miker

      Hey Mark I’m with you…selling my Screaming Eagle Road King and ordering the Diavel next week!! I’ll be 48 next month and this bike appeals to me in a great way!! Tired of dragging pegs and exhaust pipes!!

  • Gene

    I am 60 years old. Sold my maxed out Vmax 2 years ago. My joy in life was outrunning the young punks on thier nitrous feed, air shifted, crotch rockets at the drag strip. This would be a cool around town bike. My Goldwing is no fun in the city. I am not a snob so I can’t be offended like so many of you “knee draggin want to be” dudes. Your rejection of this bike is an exercise of the same mentality that makes most Harley riders look down their noses at the rest of the bike world. You guys go on through life with your tunnel vision in fine tune. You will never regret it because you wont know what you missed out on.

    • Gypsyman

      Could not have said it better.

  • St Trinidad

    It’s a beautiful looking piece of engineering which gives you the option of cruise or racing, great sex appeal

  • Northern Rider

    I like it. I’m not entirely crazy about the styling of the front headlight, but I could even get used to that. What’s wrong with riding a cruiser/street bike that with a twist of the throttle with out gun an 1198? There are a lot of high tech goodies on this bike.

  • Well, well, well. Kevin Ash has finally ridden the Diavel:

    “Phenomenal. Never mind starting this review with some background and building up to the conclusion, you have to know right now: the new Ducati Diavel delivers way beyond the most optimistic expectations.”

    And he’s not the only road tester raving about the bike.