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Ducati NCR M16

Ducati NCR M16
This is one of those motorcycles that’s going to make it onto websites that don’t normally feature motorcycles. It’s exotic and terrifyingly quick, and it’ll cost as much as the GDP of a small African nation. It’s called the ‘Millona 16’ and it’s the latest road missile from NCR—the wraps came off just a few hours ago at the Misano racetrack, at the World Ducati Week event.

NCR takes a $72,500 Desmosedici D16RR straight off the factory floor, transports it round the corner to its neighboring Bologna factory, and makes it lighter and more powerful. And a lot faster.

Ducati NCR M16
It’s easy to see where the money goes: carbon fiber is everywhere on the M16, and that includes load-bearing parts such as the frame, swingarm and wheels. The fuel tank, fairing, tail and fenders are carbon too. Mechanical parts are either titanium, right down to the bolts, or ‘avionic grade’ aluminum.

Ducati NCR M16
A stock 989cc V-four Ducati motor sends around 175 horsepower to the back wheel, but NCR has tuned the M16 to send “200+ hp” to the tarmac. Current-generation MotoGP suspension helps get that power down, and the M16 also uses race-style electronics with traction control, data recording and user-selectable maps. Without gas, weight is a claimed 319 lbs (145 kg), which is 15% lighter than the stock D16RR. (That’s even lighter than the regulation 330 lb minimum of a four-cylinder MotoGP bike.) The only unanswered question is the price—but for the collectors and enthusiasts who will buy the M16, that won’t matter.

Ducati NCR M16
They’ll be able to say they own ‘the most exclusive motorcycle in the world‘.

Ducati NCR M16

  • Bob

    One word: wow. Actually maybe five words: “wow and sex, sex, sex!”
    Alright, gonna go pick my jaw off the floor now…….

  • Greg

    I want to hear it :)


  • frederick

    wonderfully sculptural. i’m curious about the stretched out front/rearward positioning of the motor… with a rider in place it appears most of the weight will be on the back tire, contrary to what’s being done on current sportbikes.

  • Fef

    Very impressive, indeed. And nice, for sure.

    But honestly, I’d rather ride the Egli-Vincent from previous post. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to use 20% of the potential from a stock D16RR, already, so what’s the point ?

    Besides, the half-fairing reminds me of the old Suzuki SV650s I used to ride when I was younger. The round shaped one, inspired from the TLS 1000, before they made it angular. Harldy a very exclusive bike.

  • The Phantom

    Goddamn! Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn… fphwoar… holy crap… woot!!! Jayzus…


    That is insane…

  • Downloaded images and ‘Oh man!’ came out. Awesome bike.

  • Needs a little bikini fairing / belly pan IMO. Sounds like one hell of a bike though.

  • Mike Cecchini

    With all due respect to NCR, there’s several very good reasons why the MotoGP body panels were used on the D16RR……one of which is the mess of tubes and piping needed to feed the D16RR motor, not to mention the huge coolant and oil radiators that barely keep the D16RR below the boiling point…….that are non-existent on the NCR. Does NCR know something the factory MotoGP design team doesn’t ?

    Something tells me this bare bones machine has a much larger set of (fugly) radiators hanging in the closet that will be installed before delivery adding more than a few lbs and more fugly. It eludes me that any designer would think all this rude exposed plumbing is something that should be left out in the open for the eye compared to the insanely delicious D16RR panels

    Then we have the claimed dry weight…. 319 lbs. Yea right….. if it clears 350 I would be impressed….no very surprised. As we’ve all seen… years of shattered Italian weight claims once the bike(s) hit real scales. Btw……. the D16RR weighs in at 427 real world lbs with 1/2 tank of gas. It also has 185 hp with the non-cat kit exhaust provided with every machine. For another $9k usd one can add 20 hp to top the magic 200+ hp mark…….but who this side of a pro level rider can really use this much hp where it really counts…… on the track.

    Poseurs and wannabees will dream about their reflection in Starbucks windows, but I want to see the buyer that can use this machine to even 50% of it’s potential, not to mention where and when do we say enough is enough ? 300 lbs w/ 300 hp? 250 lbs w/ 500 hp? How about 200 lbs w/ 600 hp? Or as super gear-head Kevin Cameron use to say…..”Too much is just enough”…….but I don’t hear him saying that much these days.

    In the end it’s the same game played every year or so by the likes of NCR and other high end design houses, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous from where I sit. I guess NCR has to do something and here it is.

    In 10 yrs, I submit, the NCR M16 will be another over-the-top special while the D16RR will still be the real thing….. the first ever MotoGP machine offered to the public with “only” 185 hp.


  • Chris Edwards

    It’s a beauty, but I totally agree with Mike C.’s comments above.There’s no way that is a functioning motorcycle.

  • Speechless…

  • Kitty

    Wow!!! That’s some crazy RPM therapy! :)

  • Miffy

    Wudda been better with full fairing, looks ugly naked.

  • Joey C.

    Chain Through swingarm?
    God forbid you leave a tensioner loose.
    Oil filter?
    Exhaust… may sound great… not gonna work in the states though.
    Maybe this is just a visionaries model of some sort?

  • dave hewitt

    Your one ugly mutha fooka……..mmmmm

  • Tex Mawby

    Wow! (Mike Cecchini)….did someone piss in your cheerios this morning? lighten up bro! -Tex

  • It’s by far the finest non-bevel Ducati I’ve seen.

    Should not be operated by amateurs I’d have thought.

  • If the average rider is unable to use a motorcycle to its fullest potential, does than mean the motorcycle should not be built? I think that’s an unfair argument. There are wealthy riders out there with very high levels of ability.

    There are very few drivers who can push a Porsche 911 GT3 to its limits, but that’s not to say no-one except a race driver should be allowed to buy one. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy a motorcycle without hitting the rev limit every time you go out for a ride.

  • tony hannagan

    “There are wealthy riders out there with very high levels of ability.”

    Indeed …. Casey Stoner springs to mind.

    I was referring to young ‘uns who only know ON and OFF with the throttle.

    Do I need to explain EVERYTHING!!!

  • Jonesti

    I’m I the only one that notices the lovely front cyl. exhaust exiting right on the left rearset….hot foot!
    And as Mike Cecchini stated, no way that rad will cool that amount of bhp’s.
    Other than that another NCR gem!

  • Toecutter

    Well most D16 that dynoed didnt made over 170-180hp at the rear wheel… First MotoGP replica yes but far from a 200+ fire beast and this bike is ugly looks like someone crashed the D16 and didnt have money to buy the original bodywork so painted black and used a tail that reminds me those tails for CBR900RR Airtech used to sell in the mid 90s.. like melted cheese!

    tks but i would take 2-3 1198R’s

  • PB

    ehrm… indicators? l mean… come on.

  • Sam L.

    Wow that thing is ridiculous!

    –Sam L.

  • Tom Stewart

    Kinda pointless, unless you’re a MotoGP rider looking to show off at track-days, but it’s completely and utterly stunning. And I predict that this bike will be at least as collectible as a stock Desmosedici in the future because NCR long ago earned itself more than sufficient cred. Let’s hope it still looks this good when it’s ready to run in anger.

  • dan

    This bike is gorgeous, i’ve never seen carbon fibre this sculptural on a motorcycle, sure you can pick holes in it but what’s the point not everything is about practicallity, this is art on wheels.
    Hats off to NCR to pushing the limits.

  • Jimmy the Mutt

    Sounds like mikey c is pissed cause he can’t afford one. Aww too bad this bike is “Insane” and beutiful!!!

  • Mike has the real thing – a Sedici (with complete cooling system). He’s also been known to spell “beautiful” correctly.


  • dr death

    baddest. bike. ever. plastic on a bike was cool in the 80s. so were mullets. unless your a track guy with a bike not legal for the street, and your running front of the pack, plastic just makes your bike run hotter. take the lowers off any gixxer n prove it yourself. faired bikes look alike, pretty much. allit needs is enough to get the air over yer big head. heh. n no garbage about top speed either…..

  • Blaze

    Madonna Mia! Ma che capolavoro scultoreo incredibile! Ora ho solo bisogno di un uomo che sa come guidare uno correttamente…!