Icon 1000 Advokat Backpack


EV-0 RR electric motorcycleSuddenly, electric motorcycles have come of age. Meet the EV-0 RR, which stands for Electric Vehicle, zero emissions, Road Race. It’ll be on the grid at the ultra-hyped Isle of Man Time Trials Extreme Grand Prix in June, and its pedigree suggests that it could win. It’s built by a company called Evo Design Solutions, which has worked for Triumph and on Le Mans racing cars. We can’t wait to see how these machines perform (and how fast they are). There’s a great story on Evo’s bike and its Isle of Man competitors on Wired Autopia. [Thanks, Chuck.]

  • JJ Walker

    its pedigree suggests that it could win… Serious…? Monkeys could fly out yer… oh nvr mnd.

  • bill nye

    With the proper batteries, electric would wheelie past all!!! the next thing is ultracapcators. makes lithium-ion look like a AA Duracell