Rough Crafts’ Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley Davidson Sportster
Of all the Asian countries, Japan has the highest profile in the custom scene, and has even exported the whole genre of SR400 modifications. But other countries are getting more press now, with Australian shop Deus moving into Bali and the whole Indonesian scene gaining momentum. Now it looks like the turn of Taiwan.

This hunkered-down Harley Sportster custom is called Guerrilla: it comes from an upstart new Taipei shop called Rough Crafts.

Harley Davidson Sportster
According to builder Winston Yeh, “The initial idea for this bike was to get it to look custom, without being too ‘far out’—because Taiwan has a crazy regulation that all bikes bigger than 250cc have to pass an annual exam after they are older than five years. The bike is compared to the stock picture and if it looks too different, it will be hard to pass. With that in mind, I tried to create a bike that has similar profile to stock. So you probably think it’s ‘normal’ from far away, but you can see the customization when up close.”

Harley Davidson Sportster
The bike takes Harley-Davidson’s Nightster theme a step further, with a chopped front end, new bars, bodywork and lighting—and a terrific exhaust system that adds to the compact, muscular vibe.

Excellent work from a builder worth keeping an eye on.

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Harley Davidson Sportster
2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883
Builder: Winston Yeh
City/state: Taipei, Taiwan
Company: Rough Crafts

Fabrication: Rough Crafts
Welding: Winston/Shin Metal Works
Parts Design: Winston Yeh

Air cleaner: Rough Crafts
Exhaust: Rough Crafts
Mufflers: Rough Crafts

Frame: Stock with a little chop-off
Front End: Stock chopped/Rough Crafts Triple Trees

Tank: Rough Crafts
Fenders: Rough Crafts
Paint: Rough Crafts/BianChin Paint Studio
Graphics: Rough Crafts
Tires: Coker 5.10×16″

Foot controls: Stock Mid
Handlebar controls: Rough Crafts
Throttle: Neo Factory
Headlight: Rough Crafts grill-type headlight
Taillight: Rough Crafts grill-type LED taillight
Seat: Rough Crafts
Mirror: none
Gas caps: Rough Crafts
Handlebars: Rough Crafts
Risers: Rough Crafts
Grips: Rough Crafts

Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster

Rough Crafts is one of the featured builders in our new book, The Ride. The deluxe Collector’s Edition is on sale now in Europe and the USA.

  • Chris

    Damn it, This is exactly what I was going to build! Down to the pipes! Now I have to think of something else!

  • Derek Larsen

    Never been much of a modern harley fan, but looking at this bike makes me feel a bit like a toddler with a brand new toy. Those tires are not so big to look comical, but big enough that I want to grab the bike out of the monitor and go “VROOM VROOM” with it on the kitchen floor waiting for my Cheerios.

  • Phil

    Now i really do like that. nice lines,nice detailing. H’light needs to be slightly larger tho…looks a bit’ pinched’ up there

  • I just got giant wood…seriously I need help.

  • pcxxiv

    Oh god, I love it – excellent!

  • Ddavis

    I worked at Roland Sands Design while Winston interned there. Great guy, great artist. His furniture is equally as striking. Way to go sir.

  • baddad

    I like it a lot, but tires are too much too big for me

  • Pamberjack

    I still can’t understand how the ocean of cool Harley customs still hasn’t translated into a single bike in their catalogue that I’d actually consider buying…

  • shawn

    Great bike. The Sportster is such a natural for building clean and tight custom bikes.
    General comment – Can we PLEEAASE get away from black bikes though. There are 3 billion colors in the world!!!!. So much imagination on the rest of the bike(s) but then we take the easy way out and paint it black.

  • bobx

    bike looks like it would run you down and then laugh at you.

  • Leo

    Super clean, classy with an attitude.

  • Mattro

    love it. it’s long been my opinion (and that of many others) that the iron 883 and its cousin the nightster are easily hd’s most-marketable bikes in terms of attracting a younger clientele.

    it’s good to see its lines and general aesthetic being so successfully realized in such a restrained custom. hopefully the light-mod crowd will embrace the bike and we’ll see some more american bikes worth buying sometime soon.

    but, honestly, they’ll probably eff it up.

  • ferdz aguiluz

    its a wow thing!!! two thumbs up for me!!! ill buy that one for me!!! soon…

  • Omar Hosein


  • Too bad the sportster 883 is mechanically such a piece of junk. I rode one for 3 years and finally sold it. Looks are only part of the equation.

  • pengiran rudy

    what is the size of the rims, turned mine to a wide glide however failed to find the appropriate tires for the front wheels, i am currently running on 110/100/19inch rims front, 150 tires on a 16inch rear..

    really want to run on 130 tires at the front

  • dr death