Harley Super Glide custom

Harley Super Glide custom
One of the leading lights of the French custom motorcycle scene is Millery-based Fred Duban of Dub Performance, and this tracker-ish creation is his latest bike. It’s based on a 2003 Harley Dyna Super Glide, of all things, but you’d be hard pushed to tell.

Fred has heavily modded the engine with a Screamin’ Eagle big-bore cylinder and piston kit, increasing the displacement of Harley’s twin cam from 88 to 95 cubic inches (1550cc). The newly-liberated motor breathes through a Forcewinder intake and Mikuni carburetion; the seat unit and handlebars are proprietary Dub Performance items originally designed for Sportster conversions. The forks are by Ceriani, the exhaust is a Supertrapp, and the slick silver-gray paintjob completes the picture. The 1970s Harley XR-750 look is definitely on the way back, and it’s good to see another sweet-lookin’ example.

  • Woody

    I thought this was another sportster tracker until I read it was a superglide. Great looking bike.

  • I’m a sucker for a nice tracker. And it’s a Super Glide, even better. Cool bike.

  • powermatic

    I like the paint-it makes me realize how sweet engine-turned aluminum tins would look on a bike, ala ‘The Spirit of Saint Louis’.

    Another great bike. Nice job, I look forward to these every morn.

  • Tin Man 2

    Im a big fan of flat tracker style bikes,and have 2 myself. This is a nice effort but as a shop build Im surprised they did not lengthen the seat from the Sporty to better fit the size of the Dyna. A couple more inches would have pulled it together much better… The machine finish paint is novel,but again a pro built bike should use real Turned Aluminum, unless they were building to a price point for a customer.

  • powermatic

    Tin Man-

    The paint is actually a series of ghosted ‘1’s-I doubt he was trying to imitate engine turning. But from a distance you get a sense of what the real deal would look like.