House Rockers CB750

Honda CB750 custom by House Rockers
Just when you think you’ve seen every possible take on the Honda CB750, here’s another one. It’s from the Japanese shop House Rockers, based in Saitama—some 30 km north of central Tokyo. There’s a definite look to House Rockers’ customs: usually high bars and rearsets, giving the CB750 a stubby, muscular mien. The bike in the above picture has been thoroughly upgraded, with performance to match the no-nonsense stance. The motor has been rebuilt with a Wiseco 836cc engine kit, a polished and ported head, and big valves. The cam and crank are both forged race items, and the carbs are Yoshimura-tweaked Mikuni TMRs. A nine-inch oil cooler takes the heat away, and the stainless steel exhaust is simply a work of art. There’s aluminum all over the place—including the oil and fuel tanks, battery box and side covers. The frame has been heavily reinforced, and House Rockers has also upgraded the suspension with Kayaba components at the front and Öhlins at the back. The cost? Around US$38,000. Ouch. [Thanks to Dan Austin for the tip.]

Honda CB750 custom by House Rockers

  • pushrodmofo

    38 grand – Ouch is right. Not sure where all the money went, but the bikes sure do look great. That exhaust is awesome.

  • Leston C

    Gorgeous bike, but $38k for <100 hp on a ohlins suspension. I'll stick to my stock cb750 and just admire there artwork.

  • John Whittet

    Presumably that cost includes labor. The first thing I noticed was the exhaust as well. Looks nice.

  • Arnoldra

    That top 750 looks fantastic. Great job capitalizing on the established looks of 70’s superbikes and running with it. I love the exhaust, the paint scheme, and all the appropriate looking hardware up front and on top: Headlight bucket and guauges, mirrors, and cables. 38K is a bit steep, but not often does it look that good. Well done.


    if we use our imagination, we can achieve a smilar look and quality with much less than $ 15k (donor bike included).
    Give that a tought…

  • Ray

    Oh my gosh, my head is going to explode if one more person talks about the pricing of this stuff. Yes, we all know you can buy a factory bike for cheaper that is faster, yes we all know that we could do it for cheaper if we did it ourselves. When you use your expertise to make something that is one of a kind you can put any price you want on it right? If they sell as fast as you can make them then why charge less?

    I think that top bike is the most perfect CB750 I have ever seen. It is subtle yet extremely detailed. It seems to acknowledge the beauty of the original bike design. It makes every other attempt I have seen look like its trying too hard and yet not trying hard enough.

  • Anton

    @Ray – I agree.

    Or, could somebody send me the details of a workshop that doesn’t charge for labour, parts, tools, machines, material, staff, sourcing, engineering, contractors, marketing, rent and years of experience?

  • J-Smith

    I thought 35 grand was ridiculous too and wanted to go to the website and further investigate, the price is 3,500,00 yen
    and 350,000.00 JPY = 3,819.06 USD. I believe that is without the donor bike.
    not a bad deal.

  • DnA

    J-Smith, Sorry to break it to you, but the cost is 350万円 (350 man en, or 350 x 10,000 yen, or 3,500,000 yen,) and that’s currently around $39,000 US dollars.

  • DnA

    I agree with Ray’s comment about it being the most perfect CB750 he’s ever seen. It just blows me away. Sure it’s totally unaffordable for most of us (myself included,) but like TheSuperStone says, you can build one without all the exotic hardware and achieve a similar look (but I’d have to have a set of those pipes!)

    Here’s a hi-res pic of the top bike:

    And here’s a similar but different House Rockers CB750 showing those beautiful pipes:

    Same bike for sale on GooBike:

    The wheels on all three CB750s are Honda NSX250 magnesium alloy. Also, did anyone notice the big cement piston behind the motorcycle? Looks like a cool shop.

  • Sam

    I spotted a couple videos on YouTube that demonstrate the amazing music the pipes on the second bike produce.

  • Joelsephstalin

    I’m not sure how comfortable rearsets and high bars could possibly be…

  • Laurent

    This bike looks like it jumped out a Joe Bar cartoon, priceless ;)

  • mingh

    its well executed, can’t fault it really, but there have been so many CB’s on this site it’s not funny anymore. I really can’t be bothered about the next CB with yeat a tiny little more of this and less of that, seeing that there are thousands of other bikes that are worth telling about.

  • johnly

    how we can expand from this ? thinking of italy.. yes the italians are japanese version of Europe.

  • swissmack

    NO WAY – because just another CB, ugly (look at the rear end… honda monkey?), way too expensive and sooo yesterday…

  • Aaron Burke

    Nice work on the bikes overall, in fact it would seem they are so clean in their presentation it actually makes the cables stand out & same with the low mount rear brake. But yes, overall nice bikes.

  • Sen Heng

    I figured I’d list down the full list of mods done to the bike and you guys decide whether or not it’s worth the 3.5 million yen. A new 1198S is about 2.5mil.

    Moriwaki Kabaya 36mm diameter front fork
    aluminum triple tree
    Brembo discs front
    Lockheed calipers front and rear
    framed strengthen in 13 areas
    Yoshimura 32mm TMR carbs
    aluminum oil catchtank
    alumnium swingarm
    titanium full exhaust
    Ohlins suspension
    aluminum fuel tank
    Magtek wheels F/R
    aluminum battery box
    Wiseco pistons
    Web cams ST-1
    big valve kit
    polished ports
    engine overhaul
    10 step 9 inch oil cooler
    carbon fenders F/R
    offset front sprocket
    wiring harness coil
    Dyna S quick throttle kit

  • Leston C

    Beyond cosmetics details, are the two bikes pictured any different?

  • soddedmyarmor

    Anyone translate some dyno figures? Just curious what one of these old motors can put out when tuned highly.

  • daan

    nice bike but what’s with the tiny wheel diameter? Looks a bit like a motorbike with scooter wheels….

  • benjy

    as yoshimura stated in his old catalogue,”you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”
    with the standard frame,gusseted or not,+ acknowledging the swingarm + better suspension,this bike will still scare you if used to the engines potential(which should be over 200kmh)
    if a similar result could be achieved for a reasonable $ price-cool bike.but at the cost quoted-ridiculous.better off with rickman,dresda etc

  • tonytiger29

    I have to agree with ray. This bike, especially in the top paint scheme, is incredible. Makes me wish i kept my old cb750f, and had at least an ounce of the skill it takes to build such a custom machine.