Honda CB160 ‘Poco Bastardo’

Honda CB160
By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn. This charming 1966 Honda CB160 was previously owned by ex-professional skater and actor Jason Lee (of My Name is Earl, Chasing Amy, and Almost Famous). It was built by Jay and the talented guys at Lossa Engineering of California; they started by completely stripping the bike down, making sure all tabs were removed and holes filled, before sanding the whole enchilada until it was smoother than Bruce Willis’s dome and powdercoating the frame in red. A custom-made clutch was fitted, and the black throttle and front brake cables were shortened to accommodate classic clubman bars. Then in true cafe racer style, Lossa removed everything that wasn’t needed to make the bike stop and go, and drilled holes in everything else to reduce weight. Finally, a 175cc big bore kit gave the bike extra power for vintage racing on the track. Jason Lee no longer owns Poco Bastardo (‘Little Bastard’ in Italian’) though: he sold it recently to make room in his collection for another Lossa Engineering bike, this time a CB550.

  • teo

    uhm… sorry to rain on Lossa’s parade, but Little bastard is “Piccolo Bastardo”.
    Poco Bastardo would be… uhm… “not much bastad”…

    (cheers from spaghettiland)

  • powermatic

    Also, lest anyone think Jason Lee was an ‘ice’ skater, he was a pro skateboarder, and a pretty influential one in his day.

    Cool bike tho.

  • The name and the profession might not be quite correct but Jason sure has got taste. Very cool bike.

  • Adam Kosecki

    I believe Jason Lee still owns that bike.. he ended up keeping it, and buying the 550 as well.

  • Anonymous Collector

    This bike now resides in my collection as I bought it over a year ago from Jason Lee as brokered by the builder whose real name is Jay LaRossa. I can say that it rides as good as it looks! And, the workmanship by Jay (who formerly worked for Jesse James) is superb. As the lucky owner of many restored vintage bikes, I can say definitively that the level of detailed craftsmanship is as good as it gets.

  • You are a lucky man! I just hope you ride this beautiful bike and it doesn’t sit in the corner of a garage. Thanks for letting us know where Poco resides.