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Johnny Cash motorcycle

Johnny Cash tribute motorcycle
We stumbled across this one on Roland Sands’ blog, and had to show it straight away—even if it means running two Harley bikes in a row. (Let us know in the comments if that’s too much.) ‘Get Rhythm‘ is based on a lowered 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train, which was an 88-ci Softail derivative aimed at the European market. The bike was built by UK dealer Shaw Harley-Davidson and includes a whole raft of Performance Machine parts, including wheels, mid-mount controls, master cylinders and switchgear. Get Rhythm is also rockin’ a PM ‘Phatail’—a bolt-on kit that allows an 18×8.5 wheel to rest comfortably in a stock H-D Softail frame. It probably doesn’t do much for the handling, but it looks good. The vintage-style seat and gas tank are from RSD, and the paint is from Image Design. I’m not sure about you, but I think the overall effect is terrific—and yet another direction that Harley management could look at to broaden the appeal of their range. [Incidentally, if you’re a fan of the Man In Black, head over to the sublime Selvedge Yard for a photo essay on Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.]

  • Roland builds some nice bikes but this is just throwing a parts catalog at a Harley and painting it black. I can’t really think of anything less interesting than this bike.

    Besides that it’s not really in keeping with nature of bikes usually featured.

  • ben

    Wouldn’t a Johnny Cash Edition have parts from the years 61-73 all put together?

    (Since he’d have stolen it once piece at a time…)

  • powermatic

    I might be wrong, but according to the story in the link, the only role Sands had in this build was supplying some parts-it appears to have been built by ‘Shaw Speed And Custom Shop’. A nice enough piece I suppose-at least they maintained some suspension travel front and rear-but I see many, many bikes here on ‘EXIF that show much more creativity, especially for a type of bike whose role is limited to a bar hopper and ‘look at me!’ Still, I’ve always liked the black-on-black look of the Night Train, and this bike is something anyone with enough money could do themselves, so it has its niche.

    And yeah, I do like Johnny Cash-the set of five Rick Rubin-produced LPs are in constant rotation on my turntable. May The Man In Black rest in peace.

  • bobx

    looks good. nice bike.

  • Woody

    Haha, what ben said. That was the years for panheads, right?

    That headlight looks like it’s from crimescene choppers.

  • Jefferson

    Fat rear tires were not, are not, and will not be cool. The rest of the bike is pretty good, I’d rather see some classic bend bars to add visual interest up front and some black pipes (RSD trackers would look nice) because the brushed steel just doesn’t match. While we’re sacrificing handling and practicality, maybe a knobby tire up front.

  • Tin Man 2

    Nice enough Bike, It looks alot like the just released Sportster 45… Nothing radical here, but it is nice eye candy!!

  • The new 48 is actually cooler than this bike.

    A real Johnny Cash bike would be, as Ben said, a “61-’73.
    It would be mostly flat black not gloss.
    And the name “Sue” would be written on the oiltank.
    It would be an Ironhead Sportster, anyway. Leaner, meaner machine.

  • this bike is sexy